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Academic Article Effects of age, adiposity, and fitness level on plasma catecholamine responses to standing and exercise.
Academic Article Body composition by DXA: tried and true?
Academic Article Regional differences in interstitial glycerol concentration in subcutaneous adipose tissue of women.
Academic Article Whole body leptin kinetics and renal metabolism in vivo.
Academic Article Preliminary evidence that DEXA provides an accurate assessment of body composition.
Academic Article Loss of skeletal muscle mass with aging: effect on glucose tolerance.
Academic Article Abdominal obesity and associated cardiovascular comorbidities in the elderly.
Academic Article Leptin response to insulin in humans is related to the lipolytic state of abdominal subcutaneous fat.
Academic Article Age-related differences in body composition by hydrodensitometry and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.
Academic Article Effects of 10 days of endurance exercise training on the suppression of whole body and regional lipolysis by insulin.
Academic Article Serum leptin levels are reduced in response to exercise training, but not hormone replacement therapy, in older women.
Academic Article Waist circumference vs body mass index for prediction of disease risk in postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Contributions of total and regional fat mass to risk for cardiovascular disease in older women.
Academic Article HRT preserves increases in bone mineral density and reductions in body fat after a supervised exercise program.
Academic Article Body composition of healthy sedentary and trained, young and older men and women.
Academic Article Effect of aging.
Academic Article Exercise training improves fat distribution patterns in 60- to 70-year-old men and women.
Academic Article Effects of HRT and exercise training on insulin action, glucose tolerance, and body composition in older women.
Academic Article Measurement of fat distribution by magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Functional impairment is associated with low bone and muscle mass among persons aging with HIV infection.
Academic Article Lower-body adiposity and metabolic protection in postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Suppression of whole body and regional lipolysis by insulin: effects of obesity and exercise.
Academic Article Acute modulation of adipose tissue lipolysis by intravenous estrogens.
Academic Article The ratio of waist-to-hip circumference, plasma insulin level, and glucose intolerance as independent predictors of the HDL2 cholesterol level in older adults.
Concept Adipose Tissue, White
Concept Adipose Tissue
Concept Adipose Tissue, Brown
Concept Body Fat Distribution
Academic Article Subcutaneous adipose tissue insulin resistance is associated with visceral adiposity in postmenopausal women.
Academic Article De novo generation of adipocytes from circulating progenitor cells in mouse and human adipose tissue.
Grant Ovarian hormone suppression and regulation of adipogenesis in women
Academic Article Hematopoietic-to-mesenchymal transition of adipose tissue macrophages is regulated by integrin ß1 and fabricated fibrin matrices.
Academic Article Modulation of Energy Expenditure by Estrogens and Exercise in Women.
Academic Article Hematopoietic stem cells produce intermediate lineage adipocyte progenitors that simultaneously express both myeloid and mesenchymal lineage markers in adipose tissue.
Academic Article Hematopoietic Stem Cell-Derived Adipocytes Modulate Adipose Tissue Cellularity, Leptin Production and Insulin Responsiveness in Female Mice.

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