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Academic Article HIV risk behaviors associated with the injection process: multiperson use of drug injection equipment and paraphernalia in injection drug user networks.
Academic Article Active heroin injectors' perceptions and use of methadone maintenance treatment: cynical performance or self-prescribed risk reduction?
Academic Article The prevalence of additional injection-related HIV risk behaviors among injection drug users.
Academic Article Applying the methodology of participant observation to the study of injection-related HIV risks.
Academic Article Criminal law, policing policy, and HIV risk in female street sex workers and injection drug users.
Academic Article Re: "Risk of hepatitis C virus among young adult injection drug users who share injection equipment".
Academic Article The disconnect between China's public health and public security responses to injection drug use, and the consequences for human rights.
Academic Article Nonmedical use of prescription drugs and HIV risk behavior in gay and bisexual men.
Academic Article Injection drug users' experience with and attitudes toward methadone clinics in Denver, CO.
Academic Article A tale of three cities: risk taking among intravenous drug users.
Academic Article Pharmacists' attitudes and concerns regarding syringe sales to injection drug users in Denver, Colorado.
Academic Article Limited access to syringes for injection drug users in pharmacies in Denver, Colorado.
Academic Article Addressing the "risk environment" for injection drug users: the mysterious case of the missing cop.
Academic Article Following the blood: syringe reuse leads to blood-borne virus transmission among injection drug users.
Academic Article Intravenous drug users and AIDS: risk behaviors.
Academic Article Drug sharing among heroin networks: implications for HIV and hepatitis B and C prevention.
Academic Article Non-medical use of prescription drugs and sexual risk behavior in young adults.
Academic Article Commentary on Harris & Rhodes (2012): discouraging syringe re-use by addressing drug injectors' everyday suffering.
Concept Substance-Related Disorders
Concept Substance Abuse Detection
Concept Substance Withdrawal Syndrome
Concept Substance Abuse, Intravenous
Academic Article The effects of the military's antidrug policies over the life course: the case of past-year hallucinogen use.
Academic Article Unmet health care needs and hepatitis C infection among persons who inject drugs in Denver and Seattle, 2009.
Academic Article Intentional misuse of over-the-counter medications, mental health, and polysubstance use in young adults.
Academic Article Driving under the influence of prescription drugs used nonmedically: associations in a young adult sample.
Academic Article The context of risk: ethnographic contributions to the study of drug use and HIV.
Academic Article Patients' Perspectives on Tapering of Chronic Opioid Therapy: A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Prescription opioids prior to injection drug use: Comparisons and public health implications.
Academic Article A Qualitative Study of Hospitalists' Perceptions of Patient Satisfaction Metrics on Pain Management.
Academic Article Heroin and Methamphetamine Injection: An Emerging Drug Use Pattern.
Grant A Qualitative Study of Female Methamphetamine Users Drug Acquisition Behaviors
Academic Article Recovery of Infectious Hepatitis C Virus From Injection Paraphernalia: Implications for Prevention Programs Serving People Who Inject Drugs.

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