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Concept Sciuridae
Academic Article Introgression at differentially aged hybrid zones in red-tailed chipmunks.
Academic Article Extensive mtDNA variation within the yellow-pine chipmunk, Tamias amoenus (Rodentia: Sciuridae), and phylogeographic inferences for northwest North America.
Academic Article Phylogeny estimation of the radiation of western North American chipmunks (Tamias) in the face of introgression using reproductive protein genes.
Academic Article Ancient hybridization and mitochondrial capture between two species of chipmunks.
Academic Article Phylogeography and introgressive hybridization: chipmunks (genus Tamias) in the northern Rocky Mountains.
Academic Article Divergence with gene flow within the recent chipmunk radiation (Tamias).
Academic Article Comparative Phylogenomic Assessment of Mitochondrial Introgression among Several Species of Chipmunks (Tamias).
Academic Article Sympatric Parasites Have Similar Host-Associated, but Asynchronous, Patterns of Diversification.
Academic Article No evidence for phylosymbiosis in western chipmunk species.
Academic Article Disentangling lousy relationships: Comparative phylogenomics of two sucking louse lineages parasitizing chipmunks.
Academic Article Diversification, Introgression, and Rampant Cytonuclear Discordance in Rocky Mountains Chipmunks (Sciuridae: Tamias).
Academic Article Genomic resolution of cryptic species diversity in chipmunks.

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