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Concept Diptera
Academic Article Whole brain monoamine detection and manipulation in a stalk-eyed fly.
Academic Article Heightened serotonin influences contest outcome and enhances expression of high-intensity aggressive behaviors.
Academic Article Free flight maneuvers of stalk-eyed flies: do eye-stalks affect aerial turning behavior?
Academic Article Effects of ornamentation and phylogeny on the evolution of wing shape in stalk-eyed flies (Diopsidae).
Academic Article Saccadic head rotations during walking in the stalk-eyed fly (Cyrtodiopsis dalmanni).
Academic Article Genetic divergence does not predict change in ornament expression among populations of stalk-eyed flies.
Academic Article Aerial performance of stalk-eyed flies that differ in eye span.
Academic Article David vs. Goliath: Serotonin modulates opponent perception between smaller and larger rivals.
Academic Article Sex differences in aggression: Differential roles of 5-HT2, neuropeptide F and tachykinin.
Academic Article Phylogeography of sex ratio and multiple mating in stalk-eyed flies from southeast Asia.
Academic Article Rapid evolution of postzygotic reproductive isolation in stalk-eyed flies.
Academic Article The stalk-eyed fly as a model for aggression - is there a conserved role for 5-HT between vertebrates and invertebrates?
Academic Article Microsatellite variation among divergent populations of stalk-eyed flies, genus Cyrtodiopsis.

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