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Concept Microtubule Proteins
Concept Microtubules
Concept Microtubule-Associated Proteins
Academic Article Stopped in its tracks: negative regulation of the dynein motor by the yeast protein She1.
Academic Article Genome-wide analysis reveals novel and discrete functions for tubulin carboxy-terminal tails.
Academic Article The negatively charged carboxy-terminal tail of ?-tubulin promotes proper chromosome segregation.
Academic Article Cingulin and actin mediate midbody-dependent apical lumen formation during polarization of epithelial cells.
Grant Role of tubulin CTTs in the activity of microtubule motors
Grant Regulation of Microtubule Function by Tubulin Carboxy-terminal Tails
Academic Article High-resolution Imaging and Analysis of Individual Astral Microtubule Dynamics in Budding Yeast.
Academic Article Dynein is regulated by the stability of its microtubule track.
Academic Article Regulation of microtubule dynamic instability by the carboxy-terminal tail of ?-tubulin.
Academic Article A unified model for microtubule rescue.
Academic Article Astral microtubule forces alter nuclear organization and inhibit DNA repair in budding yeast.
Academic Article Microtubule dynamics at low temperature: evidence that tubulin recycling limits assembly.
Grant Beyond the tubulin code: Understanding how subunit diversity regulates the formation and function of microtubules
Academic Article Ase1 domains dynamically slow anaphase spindle elongation and recruit Bim1 to the midzone.
Academic Article Tubulin isotype regulation maintains asymmetric requirement for a-tubulin over ?-tubulin.
Academic Article Microtubule cytoskeleton: Revealing new readers of?the tubulin code.
Academic Article Quantifying Yeast Microtubules and Spindles Using the Toolkit for Automated Microtubule Tracking (TAMiT).
Academic Article a-tubulin regulation by 5' introns in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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