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Academic Article Evidence that anion transport by band 3 proceeds via a ping-pong mechanism involving a single transport site. A 35 Cl NMR study.
Academic Article Attractant regulation of the aspartate receptor-kinase complex: limited cooperative interactions between receptors and effects of the receptor modification state.
Academic Article C2 domains from different Ca2+ signaling pathways display functional and mechanistic diversity.
Academic Article Membrane orientation and position of the C2 domain from cPLA2 by site-directed spin labeling.
Academic Article Thermal motions of surface alpha-helices in the D-galactose chemosensory receptor. Detection by disulfide trapping.
Academic Article Self-induced docking site of a deeply embedded peripheral membrane protein.
Academic Article Single-molecule fluorescence studies of a PH domain: new insights into the membrane docking reaction.
Academic Article Engineered socket study of signaling through a four-helix bundle: evidence for a yin-yang mechanism in the kinase control module of the aspartate receptor.
Academic Article Membrane docking geometry and target lipid stoichiometry of membrane-bound PKCa C2 domain: a combined molecular dynamics and experimental study.
Academic Article Defining a key receptor-CheA kinase contact and elucidating its function in the membrane-bound bacterial chemosensory array: a disulfide mapping and TAM-IDS Study.
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