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Academic Article Chloride binding to the anion transport binding sites of band 3. A 35Cl NMR study.
Academic Article Lock on/off disulfides identify the transmembrane signaling helix of the aspartate receptor.
Academic Article Attractant- and disulfide-induced conformational changes in the ligand binding domain of the chemotaxis aspartate receptor: a 19F NMR study.
Academic Article Kinetic tuning of the EF-hand calcium binding motif: the gateway residue independently adjusts (i) barrier height and (ii) equilibrium.
Academic Article Tuning the equilibrium ion affinity and selectivity of the EF-hand calcium binding motif: substitutions at the gateway position.
Academic Article Intermolecular tuning of calmodulin by target peptides and proteins: differential effects on Ca2+ binding and implications for kinase activation.
Academic Article Halide binding by the purified halorhodopsin chromoprotein. II. New chloride-binding sites revealed by 35Cl NMR.
Academic Article Molecular tuning of an EF-hand-like calcium binding loop. Contributions of the coordinating side chain at loop position 3.
Academic Article C2 domains from different Ca2+ signaling pathways display functional and mechanistic diversity.
Academic Article Ca2+-signaling cycle of a membrane-docking C2 domain.
Academic Article The kinetic equation for the chloride transport cycle of band 3. A 35Cl and 37Cl NMR study.
Academic Article C2 domains of protein kinase C isoforms alpha, beta, and gamma: activation parameters and calcium stoichiometries of the membrane-bound state.
Academic Article Quantitative analysis of aspartate receptor signaling complex reveals that the homogeneous two-state model is inadequate: development of a heterogeneous two-state model.
Academic Article Thermal motions of surface alpha-helices in the D-galactose chemosensory receptor. Detection by disulfide trapping.
Academic Article Ca2+ activation of the cPLA2 C2 domain: ordered binding of two Ca2+ ions with positive cooperativity.
Academic Article Calcium(II) site specificity: effect of size and charge on metal ion binding to an EF-hand-like site.
Academic Article Molecular mechanism of an oncogenic mutation that alters membrane targeting: Glu17Lys modifies the PIP lipid specificity of the AKT1 PH domain.
Academic Article The GRP1 PH domain, like the AKT1 PH domain, possesses a sentry glutamate residue essential for specific targeting to plasma membrane PI(3,4,5)P(3).
Academic Article Assembly of membrane-bound protein complexes: detection and analysis by single molecule diffusion.
Academic Article Membrane docking geometry of GRP1 PH domain bound to a target lipid bilayer: an EPR site-directed spin-labeling and relaxation study.
Academic Article Hydrophobic contributions to the membrane docking of synaptotagmin 7 C2A domain: mechanistic contrast between isoforms 1 and 7.
Academic Article Structure of a bacterial sensory receptor. A site-directed sulfhydryl study.
Academic Article A proton NMR study of the mechanism of the erythrocyte glucose transporter.
Academic Article Molecular mechanisms of band 3 inhibitors. 2. Channel blockers.
Academic Article Direct observation of the transmembrane recruitment of band 3 transport sites by competitive inhibitors. A 35Cl NMR study.
Academic Article Kinetic control of Ca(II) signaling: tuning the ion dissociation rates of EF-hand Ca(II) binding sites.
Academic Article GRP1 pleckstrin homology domain: activation parameters and novel search mechanism for rare target lipid.
Academic Article The kinetic cycle of cardiac troponin C: calcium binding and dissociation at site II trigger slow conformational rearrangements.
Academic Article Mechanism of specific membrane targeting by C2 domains: localized pools of target lipids enhance Ca2+ affinity.
Academic Article Single-molecule fluorescence studies of a PH domain: new insights into the membrane docking reaction.
Academic Article Molecular mechanisms of band 3 inhibitors. 3. Translocation inhibitors.
Academic Article Molecular mechanisms of band 3 inhibitors. 1. Transport site inhibitors.
Concept Kinetics
Academic Article Molecular mechanism of membrane binding of the GRP1 PH domain.
Academic Article Increasing and decreasing the ultrastability of bacterial chemotaxis core signaling complexes by modifying protein-protein contacts.

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