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Academic Article Surgeons provide definitive care to patients with gallstone pancreatitis.
Academic Article Early death and late morbidity after blood transfusion of injured children: a pilot study.
Academic Article Patterns of early and late ventilator-associated pneumonia due to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a trauma population.
Academic Article Sew it up! A Western Trauma Association multi-institutional study of enteric injury management in the postinjury open abdomen.
Academic Article Preperitoneal pelvic packing/external fixation with secondary angioembolization: optimal care for life-threatening hemorrhage from unstable pelvic fractures.
Academic Article Who should we feed? Western Trauma Association multi-institutional study of enteral nutrition in the open abdomen after injury.
Academic Article Revisiting early postinjury mortality: are they bleeding because they are dying or dying because they are bleeding?
Concept Retrospective Studies
Academic Article Hypercoagulability following blunt solid abdominal organ injury: when to initiate anticoagulation.
Academic Article Mechanical ventilation weaning and extubation after spinal cord injury: a Western Trauma Association multicenter study.
Academic Article Gunshot wounds and blast injuries to the face are associated with significant morbidity and mortality: results of an 11-year multi-institutional study of 720 patients.
Academic Article Intra-abdominal injury following blunt trauma becomes clinically apparent within 9 hours.
Academic Article Early tracheostomy improves outcomes in severely injured children and adolescents.
Academic Article Endovascular stenting is rarely necessary for the management of blunt cerebrovascular injuries.
Academic Article Screening for Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit: A Single-Institution Analysis of 1,013 Lower Respiratory Tract Cultures.
Academic Article The found down patient: A Western Trauma Association multicenter study.
Academic Article RibScore: A novel radiographic score based on fracture pattern that predicts pneumonia, respiratory failure, and tracheostomy.
Academic Article Empiric Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Coverage in the Early Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Window: If and When.
Academic Article Natural history of splenic vascular abnormalities after blunt injury: A Western Trauma Association multicenter trial.
Academic Article Early Definitive Fracture Fixation is Safely Performed in the Presence of an Open Abdomen in Multiply Injured Patients.
Academic Article The hypercoagulability paradox of chronic kidney disease: The role of fibrinogen.
Academic Article Risky business? Investigating outcomes of patients undergoing urgent laparoscopic appendectomy on antithrombotic therapy.
Academic Article Discussion of: "Risky business? Investigating outcomes of patients undergoing urgent laparoscopic appendectomy on antithrombotic therapy".
Academic Article Discussion of: "Outpatient laparoscopic appendectomy can be successfully performed for uncomplicated appendicitis: A Southwestern Surgical Congress multicenter trial".
Academic Article Contemporary management of rectal injuries at Level I trauma centers: The results of an American Association for the Surgery of Trauma multi-institutional study.
Academic Article Pediatric appendicitis: Is referral to a regional pediatric center necessary?
Academic Article The focused abdominal sonography for trauma examination can reliably identify patients with significant intra-abdominal hemorrhage in life-threatening pelvic fractures.
Academic Article Traumatic rectal injuries: Is the combination of computed tomography and rigid proctoscopy sufficient?
Academic Article The southwestern surgical congress multi-center trial on suspected common duct stones.
Academic Article Obstruction reduction: Use of water-soluble contrast challenge to differentiate between partial and complete small bowel obstruction.
Academic Article A modern, multicenter evaluation of hepatic angioembolization - Complications and readmissions persist.
Academic Article Delayed splenic hemorrhage: Myth or mystery? A Western Trauma Association multicenter study.
Academic Article Preperitoneal Pelvic Packing Is Not Associated With an Increased Risk of Surgical Site Infections After Internal Anterior Pelvic Ring Fixation.
Academic Article End-tidal carbon dioxide underestimates plasma carbon dioxide during emergent trauma laparotomy leading to hypoventilation and misguided resuscitation: A Western Trauma Association Multicenter Study.
Academic Article Not all in your head (and neck): Stroke after blunt cerebrovascular injury is associated with systemic hypercoagulability.
Academic Article Evaluation of a water-soluble contrast protocol for small bowel obstruction: A southwestern surgical congress multicenter trial.
Academic Article Rectal Injury After Foreign Body Insertion: Secondary Analysis From the AAST Contemporary Management of Rectal Injuries Study Group.
Academic Article Trends in hematologic markers after blunt splenic trauma: Risk factor or Epiphenomenon?
Academic Article The past, present, and future management of hemodynamic instability in patients with unstable pelvic ring injuries.
Academic Article Psychological outcomes affect functional outcomes in patients with severe pelvic ring fractures.
Academic Article Into the wild and on to the table: A Western Trauma Association multicenter analysis and comparison of wilderness falls in rock climbers and nonclimbers.
Academic Article Prehospital end-tidal carbon dioxide predicts massive transfusion and death following trauma.
Academic Article Trust the FAST: Confirmation that the FAST examination is highly specific for intra-abdominal hemorrhage in over 1,200 patients with pelvic fractures.
Academic Article Comparison of iliac crest versus supraacetabular external fixator in hemodynamically unstable patients with a pelvic ring injury.
Academic Article Beyond the tube: Can we reduce chest tube complications in trauma patients?
Academic Article Multi-center validation of the Bowel Injury Predictive Score (BIPS) for the early identification of need to operate in blunt bowel and mesenteric injuries.
Academic Article Prehospital end-tidal carbon dioxide is predictive of death and massive transfusion in injured patients: An Eastern Association for Surgery of Trauma multicenter trial.
Academic Article A decade of surgical stabilization of rib fractures: the effect of study year on patient selection, operative characteristics, and in-hospital outcome.
Academic Article Assessment of Discharge Analgesic Prescription Patterns for Hospitalized Patients With Rib Fractures.
Academic Article Validation of current procedural terminology codes for surgical stabilization of rib fractures.

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