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Academic Article Infrared spectroscopic characterization of the interaction of cationic lipids with plasmid DNA.
Academic Article Cholesterol domains in cationic lipid/DNA complexes improve transfection.
Academic Article Maintenance of nonviral vector particle size during the freezing step of the lyophilization process is insufficient for preservation of activity: insight from other structural indicators.
Academic Article The role of lipid charge density in the serum stability of cationic lipid/DNA complexes.
Academic Article In vivo comparative study of lipid/DNA complexes with different in vitro serum stability: effects on biodistribution and tumor accumulation.
Academic Article Effect of cholesterol nanodomains on the targeting of lipid-based gene delivery in cultured cells.
Academic Article Synergistic effects of surfactants and sugars on lipoplex stability during freeze-drying and rehydration.
Academic Article Effects of moisture content on the storage stability of dried lipoplex formulations.
Academic Article The effect of cholesterol domains on PEGylated liposomal gene delivery in vitro.
Academic Article Ligands located within a cholesterol domain enhance gene delivery to the target tissue.
Academic Article Cholesterol domains enhance transfection.
Concept Cholesterol
Academic Article The effects of lipoplex formulation variables on the protein corona and comparisons with in vitro transfection efficiency.
Grant Exploiting Cholesterol Nanodomains to Improve Targeting
Academic Article A novel method for conjugating the terminal amine of peptide ligands to cholesterol: synthesis iRGD-cholesterol.

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