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Academic Article Project Grow-2-Gether: a study of the genetic and environmental influences on child eating and obesity.
Academic Article Number of days, number of subjects, and sources of variation in longitudinal intervention or crossover feeding trials with multiple days of measurement.
Academic Article About feeding children: mealtimes in child-care centers in four western states.
Academic Article Internal versus external influences on energy intake: are disinhibited eaters born or created?
Academic Article Assessing food appeal and desire to eat: the effects of portion size & energy density.
Academic Article A low-fat afterschool snack improves the nutritional quality of elementary school children's diets.
Academic Article Eating-related behaviors and appetite during energy imbalance in obese-prone and obese-resistant individuals.
Academic Article Children's food acceptance patterns: the interface of ontogeny and nutrition needs.
Academic Article Healthcare providers' perceptions of the factors contributing to infant obesity in a low-income Mexican American community.
Academic Article Confirmatory factor analysis of the Child Feeding Questionnaire among low-income African American families of preschool children.
Academic Article Does nutritional intake differ between children with autism spectrum disorders and children with typical development?
Academic Article Development of the responsiveness to child feeding cues scale.
Concept Feeding Behavior
Academic Article The Colorado LEAP study: rationale and design of a study to assess the short term longitudinal effectiveness of a preschool nutrition and physical activity program.
Academic Article Cluster-randomized trial on complementary and responsive feeding education to caregivers found improved dietary intake, growth and development among rural Indian toddlers.
Academic Article Creating potential for common ground and communication between early childhood program staff and parents about young children's eating.
Academic Article Portion sizes for children are predicted by parental characteristics and the amounts parents serve themselves.
Academic Article Using participant hedonic ratings of food images to construct data driven food groupings.
Academic Article Relationships between feeding problems, behavioral characteristics and nutritional quality in children with ASD.
Academic Article Report of an EU-US symposium on understanding nutrition-related consumer behavior: strategies to promote a lifetime of healthy food choices.
Academic Article Candy consumption patterns, effects on health, and behavioral strategies to promote moderation: summary report of a roundtable discussion.
Academic Article Getting my child to eat the right amount. Mothers' considerations when deciding how much food to offer their child at a meal.
Academic Article Feeding practices of low-income mothers: how do they compare to current recommendations?
Academic Article Young Children's Food Neophobia Characteristics and Sensory Behaviors Are Related to Their Food Intake.
Academic Article Developmental and Environmental Influences on Young Children's Vegetable Preferences and Consumption.
Academic Article Strategies for Effective Eating Development-SEEDS: Design of an Obesity Prevention Program to Promote Healthy Food Preferences and Eating Self-Regulation in Children From Low-Income Families.
Academic Article Depressive Symptoms and Perceptions of Child Difficulty Are Associated with Less Responsive Feeding Behaviors in an Observational Study of Low-Income Mothers.
Academic Article Strategies Low-Income Parents Use to Overcome Their Children's Food Refusal.
Academic Article Exposure to maternal diabetes in utero and offspring eating behavior: The EPOCH study.
Academic Article Stability in the feeding practices and styles of low-income mothers: questionnaire and observational analyses.
Academic Article HEROs: Design of a Mixed-Methods Formative Research Phase for an Ecocultural Intervention to Promote Healthy Eating and Activity Behaviors in Rural Families With Preschoolers.
Academic Article Screen-Related Parenting Practices in Low-Income Mexican American Families.
Academic Article Development of the Trying New Foods Scale: A preschooler self-assessment of willingness to try new foods.
Academic Article Observed and self-reported assessments of caregivers' feeding styles: Variable- and person-centered approaches for examining relationships with children's eating behaviors.
Academic Article About feeding children: factor structure and internal reliability of a survey to assess mealtime strategies and beliefs of early childhood education teachers.
Academic Article The Food Parenting Inventory: Factor structure, reliability, and validity in a low-income, Latina sample.
Academic Article Eating in the absence of hunger in young children is related to brain reward network hyperactivity and reduced functional connectivity in executive control networks.
Academic Article An Ecocultural Perspective on Eating-Related Routines Among Low-Income Families With Preschool-Aged Children.
Academic Article Implementation Science and Nutrition Education and Behavior: Opportunities for Integration.
Academic Article A longitudinal intervention to improve young children's liking and consumption of new foods: findings from the Colorado LEAP study.
Academic Article Consistency Between Parent-Reported Feeding Practices and Behavioral Observation During Toddler Meals.
Academic Article Short-Term Effects of an Obesity Prevention Program Among Low-Income Hispanic Families With Preschoolers.
Academic Article A longitudinal examination of the role of sensory exploratory behaviors in young children's acceptance of new foods.
Academic Article Differences in Diet Quality and Snack Intakes Among Non-Hispanic White and Mexican American Adolescents from Different Acculturation Groups.
Academic Article Positive parenting approaches and their association with child eating and weight: A narrative review from infancy to adolescence.
Academic Article Introducing Hard-to-Like Foods to Infants and Toddlers: Mothers' Perspectives and Children's Experiences about Learning to Accept Novel Foods.
Academic Article Picture Perfect: How Attaining the Ideal Meal is Not So Easy for Parents of Young Children.
Academic Article Examining Parent Preferences for the Use of Behavioral Economic Strategies on Children's Menus in Restaurants.
Academic Article Infant and Toddler Responses to Bitter-Tasting Novel Vegetables: Findings from the Good Tastes Study.
Academic Article Twelve-Month Efficacy of an Obesity Prevention Program Targeting Hispanic Families With Preschoolers From Low-Income Backgrounds.
Academic Article Adherence to index-based dietary patterns in childhood and BMI trajectory during the transition to adolescence: the EPOCH study.
Academic Article Switching up sides: Using choice architecture to alter children's menus in restaurants.
Academic Article Validation of a Home Food Environment Instrument Assessing Household Food Patterning and Quality.
Academic Article "The Kale Is Green" and Other Things Caregivers Say when Feeding Infants and Toddlers Are Associated with Child Rate of Acceptance.

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