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Academic Article Intrathecal pathogenic anti-aquaporin-4 antibodies in early neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Orthogonal array formation by human aquaporin-4: examination of neuromyelitis optica-associated aquaporin-4 polymorphisms.
Academic Article Identification of peptide targets in neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Ex vivo spinal cord slice model of neuromyelitis optica reveals novel immunopathogenic mechanisms.
Academic Article Anti-aquaporin-4 monoclonal antibody blocker therapy for neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Cerebrospinal fluid proteomics: a new window for understanding human demyelinating disorders?
Academic Article Consequences of NMO-IgG binding to aquaporin-4 in neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Human aquaporin 4281-300 is the immunodominant linear determinant in the context of HLA-DRB1*03:01: relevance for diagnosing and monitoring patients with neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Neuromyelitis optica IgG does not alter aquaporin-4 water permeability, plasma membrane M1/M23 isoform content, or supramolecular assembly.
Academic Article A small-molecule screen yields idiotype-specific blockers of neuromyelitis optica immunoglobulin G binding to aquaporin-4.
Academic Article Discovery of peptoid ligands for anti-aquaporin 4 antibodies.
Academic Article Quantification and functional characterization of antibodies to native aquaporin 4 in neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Binding affinity and specificity of neuromyelitis optica autoantibodies to aquaporin-4 M1/M23 isoforms and orthogonal arrays.
Academic Article Evidence against cellular internalization in vivo of NMO-IgG, aquaporin-4, and excitatory amino acid transporter 2 in neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Intravenous neuromyelitis optica autoantibody in mice targets aquaporin-4 in peripheral organs and area postrema.
Academic Article Viruses and multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Small-molecule inhibitors of NMO-IgG binding to aquaporin-4 reduce astrocyte cytotoxicity in neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Neuromyelitis optica IgG and natural killer cells produce NMO lesions in mice without myelin loss.
Concept Neuromyelitis Optica
Academic Article Optic neuritis in neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Neuromyelitis optica IgG causes placental inflammation and fetal death.
Academic Article Involvement of antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity in inflammatory demyelination in a mouse model of neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Early loss of oligodendrocytes in human and experimental neuromyelitis optica lesions.
Academic Article The treatment of neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Neuromyelitis optica MOG-IgG causes reversible lesions in mouse brain.
Academic Article Treatment of neuromyelitis optica: state-of-the-art and emerging therapies.
Academic Article Experimental mouse model of optic neuritis with inflammatory demyelination produced by passive transfer of neuromyelitis optica-immunoglobulin G.
Academic Article The intrinsic pathogenic role of autoantibodies to aquaporin 4 mediating spinal cord disease in a rat passive-transfer model.
Academic Article The cerebrospinal fluid immunoglobulin transcriptome and proteome in neuromyelitis optica reveals central nervous system-specific B cell populations.
Academic Article Mutagenesis of the aquaporin 4 extracellular domains defines restricted binding patterns of pathogenic neuromyelitis optica IgG.
Academic Article B lymphocytes in neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Use of Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques in Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article International consensus diagnostic criteria for neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders.
Academic Article Update on biomarkers in neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Placebo-controlled study in neuromyelitis optica-Ethical and design considerations.
Academic Article Loss of Myelin Basic Protein Function Triggers Myelin Breakdown in Models of Demyelinating Diseases.
Academic Article Finding NMO: The Evolving Diagnostic Criteria of Neuromyelitis Optica.
Academic Article Efficacy of Polyvalent Human Immunoglobulins in an Animal Model of Neuromyelitis Optica Evoked by Intrathecal Anti-Aquaporin 4 Antibodies.
Academic Article Autoantibody to MOG suggests two distinct clinical subtypes of NMOSD.
Academic Article In vivo imaging reveals rapid astrocyte depletion and axon damage in a model of neuromyelitis optica-related pathology.
Academic Article Tolerance checkpoint bypass permits emergence of pathogenic T cells to neuromyelitis optica autoantigen aquaporin-4.
Academic Article Variable sensitivity to complement-dependent cytotoxicity in murine models of neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Deletional tolerance prevents AQP4-directed autoimmunity in mice.
Academic Article Neuromyelitis Optica: Deciphering a Complex Immune-Mediated Astrocytopathy.
Grant Humoral Immunity, Astrocyte Injury, and Demyelination in Neuromyelitis Optica
Academic Article Comparative molecular dynamics study of neuromyelitis optica-immunoglobulin G binding to aquaporin-4 extracellular domains.
Academic Article CNS Aquaporin-4-specific B cells connect with multiple B-cell compartments in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder.
Academic Article Glucose-regulated protein 78 autoantibody associates with blood-brain barrier disruption in neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Determining the Spatial Relationship of Membrane-Bound Aquaporin-4 Autoantibodies by STED Nanoscopy.
Academic Article Human antibodies against the myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein can cause complement-dependent demyelination.
Academic Article Distinct patterns of glia repair and remyelination in antibody-mediated demyelination models of multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Membrane assembly of aquaporin-4 autoantibodies regulates classical complement activation in neuromyelitis optica.
Academic Article Early B cell tolerance defects in neuromyelitis optica favour anti-AQP4 autoantibody production.
Academic Article Collaborative International Research in Clinical and Longitudinal Experience Study in NMOSD.
Academic Article Inebilizumab for the treatment of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (N-MOmentum): a double-blind, randomised placebo-controlled phase 2/3 trial.
Academic Article Affinity-matured 'aquaporumab' anti-aquaporin-4 antibody for therapy of seropositive neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders.
Academic Article Induction of aquaporin 4-reactive antibodies in Lewis rats immunized with aquaporin 4 mimotopes.
Academic Article Safety and efficacy of satralizumab monotherapy in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder: a randomised, double-blind, multicentre, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial.
Academic Article Safety and efficacy of tocilizumab versus azathioprine in highly relapsing neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (TANGO): an open-label, multicentre, randomised, phase 2 trial.
Academic Article Treatment of MOG-IgG-associated disorder with rituximab: An international study of 121 patients.
Academic Article Interleukin-6 in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder pathophysiology.
Academic Article Blood-brain barrier resealing in neuromyelitis optica occurs independently of astrocyte regeneration.
Academic Article Serum Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein: A Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder Biomarker.
Academic Article Disability Outcomes in the N-MOmentum Trial of Inebilizumab in Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder.
Grant In vivo modeling of autoantibody-induced optic neuritis

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