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Academic Article Preparatory neural activity predicts performance on a conflict task.
Academic Article Functional grouping and cortical-subcortical interactions in emotion: a meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies.
Academic Article Establishing homology between monkey and human brains.
Academic Article Common and unique components of response inhibition revealed by fMRI.
Academic Article Different circuits for different pain: patterns of functional connectivity reveal distinct networks for processing pain in self and others.
Academic Article Predicting individual differences in placebo analgesia: contributions of brain activity during anticipation and pain experience.
Concept Nerve Net
Academic Article Identifying functional co-activation patterns in neuroimaging studies via poisson graphical models.
Academic Article Bad and worse: neural systems underlying reappraisal of high- and low-intensity negative emotions.
Academic Article A Bayesian model of category-specific emotional brain responses.
Academic Article Partial Amelioration of Medial Visceromotor Network Dysfunction in Major Depression by Sertraline.
Academic Article Multivariate Brain Prediction of Heart Rate and Skin Conductance Responses to Social Threat.
Academic Article Orbitofrontal cortex mediates pain inhibition by monetary reward.
Academic Article Frontal-Brainstem Pathways Mediating Placebo Effects on Social Rejection.
Academic Article Large-scale Meta-analysis Suggests Low Regional Modularity in Lateral Frontal Cortex.
Academic Article Attenuating Neural Threat Expression with Imagination.
Academic Article Different brain networks mediate the effects of social and conditioned expectations on pain.
Academic Article Pain-Evoked Reorganization in Functional Brain Networks.
Academic Article Common and distinct neural representations of aversive somatic and visceral stimulation in healthy individuals.
Academic Article Distinct fMRI patterns colocalized in the cingulate cortex underlie the after-effects of cognitive control on pain.
Academic Article A neuroimaging biomarker for sustained experimental and clinical pain.
Academic Article The self in context: brain systems linking mental and physical health.
Academic Article Hybrid hyperalignment: A single high-dimensional model of shared information embedded in cortical patterns of response and functional connectivity.
Academic Article A distributed fMRI-based signature for the subjective experience of fear.

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