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Academic Article Tumor recurrence after radiofrequency thermal ablation of hepatic tumors: spectrum of findings on dual-phase contrast-enhanced CT.
Academic Article Radiofrequency ablation of hepatic tumors: variability of lesion size using a single ablation device.
Academic Article American Society of Clinical Oncology 2009 clinical evidence review on radiofrequency ablation of hepatic metastases from colorectal cancer.
Academic Article Radiofrequency ablation of hepatic tumors adjacent to the gallbladder: feasibility and safety.
Academic Article Thermal ablation for hepatocellular carcinoma.
Academic Article Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of hepatic tumors: postablation syndrome.
Academic Article Anesthetic considerations in patients undergoing percutaneous radiofrequency interstitial tissue ablation.
Academic Article Radiofrequency tissue ablation: effect of hepatic blood flow occlusion on thermal injuries produced in cirrhotic livers.
Academic Article Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of hepatic tumors against the diaphragm: frequency of diaphragmatic injury.
Academic Article Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of symptomatic giant hepatic cavernous hemangiomas: report of two cases and review of literature.
Concept Liver Neoplasms
Academic Article Recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma after liver transplantation: spectrum of CT findings and recurrence patterns.
Academic Article Radiofrequency thermal ablation of liver tumors.
Academic Article Hepatocellular carcinoma: evaluation with biphasic, contrast-enhanced, helical CT.
Academic Article Spectrum of imaging findings of the liver in end-stage cirrhosis: Part II, focal abnormalities.
Academic Article Radiofrequency ablation of the liver: current status.
Academic Article Minimally invasive treatment of malignant hepatic tumors: at the threshold of a major breakthrough.
Academic Article Benign and malignant portal vein thrombosis: differentiation by CT characteristics.
Academic Article Enlarged abdominal lymph nodes in end-stage cirrhosis: CT-histopathologic correlation in 507 patients.
Academic Article Minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of liver tumors.
Academic Article Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma of the liver: imaging findings with pathologic correlation.
Academic Article Hepatic parenchymal perfusion defects detected with CTAP: imaging-pathologic correlation.
Academic Article Detection of malignant tumors in end-stage cirrhotic livers: efficacy of sonography as a screening technique.
Academic Article Portal vein thrombosis in patients with cirrhosis: does sonographic detection of intrathrombus flow allow differentiation of benign and malignant thrombus?
Academic Article Percutaneous fine-needle aspiration of portal vein thrombi as a staging technique for hepatocellular carcinoma. Cytologic findings of 46 patients.
Academic Article Does advanced cirrhosis with portosystemic shunting affect the value of CT arterial portography in the evaluation of the liver?
Academic Article Imaging in the preoperative evaluation of adult liver-transplant candidates: goals, merits of various procedures, and recommendations.
Academic Article Malignancies in patients with cirrhosis: CT sensitivity and specificity in 200 consecutive transplant patients.
Academic Article Optimizing CT portography: a prospective comparison of injection into the splenic versus superior mesenteric artery.
Academic Article Radiofrequency thermal ablation of abdominal tumors: lessons learned from complications.
Academic Article Hepatic CT enhancement: comparison of ionic and nonionic contrast agents in the same patients.
Academic Article Confluent hepatic fibrosis in advanced cirrhosis: evaluation with MR imaging.
Academic Article Percutaneous biopsy of portal vein thrombus: a new staging technique for hepatocellular carcinoma.
Academic Article Investigation of contrast enhancement in CT of the liver: the need for improved methods.

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