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Academic Article Detecting autozygosity through runs of homozygosity: a comparison of three autozygosity detection algorithms.
Academic Article Estimating the proportion of variation in susceptibility to schizophrenia captured by common SNPs.
Academic Article Non-pathological paternal isodisomy of chromosome 2 detected from a genome-wide SNP scan.
Academic Article Recent methods for polygenic analysis of genome-wide data implicate an important effect of common variants on cardiovascular disease risk.
Academic Article Quantification of inbreeding due to distant ancestors and its detection using dense single nucleotide polymorphism data.
Academic Article Runs of homozygosity implicate autozygosity as a schizophrenia risk factor.
Concept Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide
Academic Article Genetic relationship between five psychiatric disorders estimated from genome-wide SNPs.
Academic Article Additive genetic variation in schizophrenia risk is shared by populations of African and European descent.
Academic Article A recessive genetic model and runs of homozygosity in major depressive disorder.
Academic Article Whole-genome pathway analysis on 132,497 individuals identifies novel gene-sets associated with body mass index.
Academic Article Large-scale genomics unveils the genetic architecture of psychiatric disorders.
Academic Article Molecular genetic evidence for overlap between general cognitive ability and risk for schizophrenia: a report from the Cognitive Genomics consorTium (COGENT).
Academic Article Examining the role of common genetic variants on alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and illicit drug dependence: genetics of vulnerability to drug dependence.
Academic Article Genome-Wide Association Study of Behavioral Disinhibition in a Selected Adolescent Sample.
Academic Article Independent evidence for an association between general cognitive ability and a genetic locus for educational attainment.
Academic Article Shared additive genetic influences on DSM-IV criteria for alcohol dependence in subjects of European ancestry.
Academic Article New data and an old puzzle: the negative association between schizophrenia and rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Genome-wide autozygosity is associated with lower general cognitive ability.
Academic Article Evidence of Shared Genome-Wide Additive Genetic Effects on Interpersonal Trauma Exposure and Generalized Vulnerability to Drug Dependence in a Population of Substance Users.
Academic Article Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of anxiety disorders.
Academic Article No Reliable Association between Runs of Homozygosity and Schizophrenia in a Well-Powered Replication Study.
Academic Article GWAS meta-analysis reveals novel loci and genetic correlates for general cognitive function: a report from the COGENT consortium.
Academic Article GeneEvolve: a fast and memory efficient forward-time simulator of realistic whole-genome sequence and SNP data.
Academic Article A fast and accurate method for detection of IBD shared haplotypes in genome-wide SNP data.
Academic Article No Evidence That Schizophrenia Candidate Genes Are More Associated With Schizophrenia Than Noncandidate Genes.
Academic Article Genetic influences on the human oral microbiome.
Academic Article Large-Scale Cognitive GWAS Meta-Analysis Reveals Tissue-Specific Neural Expression and Potential Nootropic Drug Targets.
Academic Article Narrow-sense heritability estimation of complex traits using identity-by-descent information.
Academic Article Comparison of methods that use whole genome data to estimate the heritability and genetic architecture of complex traits.
Academic Article Study of 300,486 individuals identifies 148 independent genetic loci influencing general cognitive function.
Academic Article Genome-wide association meta-analysis in 269,867 individuals identifies new genetic and functional links to intelligence.
Academic Article Multi-Trait Analysis of GWAS and Biological Insights Into Cognition: A Response to Hill (2018).
Academic Article Relationships between estimated autozygosity and complex traits in the UK Biobank.
Academic Article Imputation of behavioral candidate gene repeat variants in 486,551 publicly-available UK Biobank individuals.
Academic Article Imprint of assortative mating on the human genome.
Academic Article Pleiotropic Meta-Analysis of Cognition, Education, and Schizophrenia Differentiates Roles of Early Neurodevelopmental and Adult Synaptic Pathways.
Academic Article No Evidence for Social Genetic Effects or Genetic Similarity Among Friends Beyond that Due to Population Stratification: A Reappraisal of Domingue et al (2018).
Academic Article The Role of A Priori-Identified Addiction and Smoking Gene Sets in Smoking Behaviors.
Academic Article Phenotypic covariance across the entire spectrum of relatedness for 86 billion pairs of individuals.
Academic Article Genetic architecture of four smoking behaviors using partitioned SNP heritability.
Academic Article Genomic partitioning of inbreeding depression in humans.
Academic Article Assortative mating biases marker-based heritability estimators.
Academic Article Predicting causal genes from psychiatric genome-wide association studies using high-level etiological knowledge.
Academic Article Mapping genomic loci implicates genes and synaptic biology in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Within-sibship genome-wide association analyses decrease bias in estimates of direct genetic effects.
Academic Article Rare genetic variants explain missing heritability in smoking.
Academic Article Exploring the Relationships Between Autozygosity, Educational Attainment, and Cognitive Ability in a Contemporary, Trans-Ancestral American Sample.
Academic Article Declining autozygosity over time: An exploration in over 1 million individuals from three diverse cohorts.

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