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Academic Article Review of the trematode genus Ribeiroia (Psilostomidae): ecology, life history and pathogenesis with special emphasis on the amphibian malformation problem.
Academic Article Aquatic eutrophication promotes pathogenic infection in amphibians.
Academic Article Long-term disease dynamics in lakes: causes and consequences of chytrid infections in Daphnia populations.
Academic Article Diversity, decoys and the dilution effect: how ecological communities affect disease risk.
Academic Article Ecomorphology and disease: cryptic effects of parasitism on host habitat use, thermoregulation, and predator avoidance.
Academic Article Assessing ecosystem vulnerability to invasive rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus).
Academic Article Land use and wetland spatial position jointly determine amphibian parasite communities.
Academic Article Linking environmental nutrient enrichment and disease emergence in humans and wildlife.
Academic Article Beyond immunity: quantifying the effects of host anti-parasite behavior on parasite transmission.
Academic Article Interactions among invaders: community and ecosystem effects of multiple invasive species in an experimental aquatic system.
Academic Article Festering food: chytridiomycete pathogen reduces quality of Daphnia host as a food resource.
Academic Article Ecophysiology meets conservation: understanding the role of disease in amphibian population declines.
Academic Article Macroparasite infections of amphibians: what can they tell us?
Academic Article Community ecology of invasions: direct and indirect effects of multiple invasive species on aquatic communities.
Academic Article Parasite diversity and coinfection determine pathogen infection success and host fitness.
Concept Ecosystem
Academic Article Do predators cause frog deformities? The need for an eco-epidemiological approach.
Academic Article Biomass and productivity of trematode parasites in pond ecosystems.
Academic Article Frontiers in research on biodiversity and disease.
Academic Article Using multispecies occupancy models to improve the characterization and understanding of metacommunity structure.
Academic Article Parasite infection alters nitrogen cycling at the ecosystem scale.
Academic Article Quantitative evidence for the effects of multiple drivers on continental-scale amphibian declines.
Academic Article Habitat heterogeneity drives the host-diversity-begets-parasite-diversity relationship: evidence from experimental and field studies.
Academic Article Multilevel Models for the Distribution of Hosts and Symbionts.
Academic Article Circadian rhythms of trematode parasites: applying mixed models to test underlying patterns.
Academic Article Parasite richness and abundance within aquatic macroinvertebrates: testing the roles of host- and habitat-level factors.
Academic Article Tracking the assembly of nested parasite communities: Using ß-diversity to understand variation in parasite richness and composition over time and scale.
Academic Article Disease hotspots or hot species? Infection dynamics in multi-host metacommunities controlled by species identity, not source location.
Academic Article An effective method for ecosystem-scale manipulation of bird abundance and species richness.
Academic Article Quantifying climate sensitivity and climate-driven change in North American amphibian communities.
Academic Article Parasite infectious stages provide essential fatty acids and lipid-rich resources to freshwater consumers.
Academic Article Biogeography of the freshwater gastropod, Planorbella trivolvis, in the western United States.
Academic Article The role of warm, dry summers and variation in snowpack on phytoplankton dynamics in mountain lakes.
Academic Article How predator and parasite size interact to determine consumption of infectious stages.
Academic Article Why do parasites exhibit reverse latitudinal diversity gradients? Testing the roles of host diversity, habitat and climate.
Academic Article It's a worm-eat-worm world: Consumption of parasite free-living stages protects hosts and benefits predators.

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