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Academic Article Ultraviolet and chlorine disinfection of mycobacterium in wastewater: effect of aggregation.
Academic Article Inactivation of E. coli, B. subtilis spores, and MS2, T4, and T7 phage using UV/H2O2 advanced oxidation.
Academic Article Efficiency of pyrimidine dimer formation in Escherichia coli across UV wavelengths.
Academic Article Comparisons of polychromatic and monochromatic UV-based treatments of bisphenol-A in water via toxicity assessments.
Academic Article Development of a fluorescence in situ hybridization protocol for the identification of micro-organisms associated with wastewater particles and flocs.
Academic Article Enhanced biodegradation of carbamazepine after UV/H2O2 advanced oxidation.
Academic Article The role of effluent nitrate in trace organic chemical oxidation during UV disinfection.
Concept Waste Disposal, Fluid
Academic Article Identifying the factors that influence the reactivity of effluent organic matter with hydroxyl radicals.
Academic Article Degradation pathways of lamotrigine under advanced treatment by direct UV photolysis, hydroxyl radicals, and ozone.
Academic Article Low-energy hydraulic fracturing wastewater treatment via AC powered electrocoagulation with biochar.
Academic Article Integrative Advanced Oxidation and Biofiltration for Treating Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater.
Academic Article Evaluation of advanced oxidation processes for water and wastewater treatment - A critical review.

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