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Academic Article Multiple raters of disruptive child behavior: using a genetic strategy to examine shared views and bias.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on lifetime alcohol-related problems in a volunteer sample of older twins.
Academic Article Genetic contribution to risk of smoking initiation: comparisons across birth cohorts and across cultures.
Academic Article Analyzing twin resemblance in multisymptom data: genetic applications of a latent class model for symptoms of conduct disorder in juvenile boys.
Academic Article The genetics of children's oral reading performance.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on the covariation between hyperactivity and conduct disturbance in juvenile twins.
Academic Article The Virginia Twin Study of Adolescent Behavioral Development. Influences of age, sex, and impairment on rates of disorder.
Academic Article Genetics and developmental psychopathology: 1. Phenotypic assessment in the Virginia Twin Study of Adolescent Behavioral Development.
Academic Article Survival models for developmental genetic data: age of onset of puberty and antisocial behavior in twins.
Academic Article Environmental and genetic influences on alcohol use in a volunteer sample of older twins.
Academic Article Evidence for independent genetic influences on obesity in middle age.
Academic Article Familial association between allergic disorders and depression in adult Finnish twins.
Academic Article Genetics and developmental psychopathology: 2. The main effects of genes and environment on behavioral problems in the Virginia Twin Study of Adolescent Behavioral Development.
Academic Article Childhood behavior problems: a comparison of twin and non-twin samples.
Academic Article The influence of genetic factors and life stress on depression among adolescent girls.
Academic Article Factor structure and concurrent validity of the Drug Use Screening Inventory in a community adolescent sample.
Academic Article Examination of the causes of covariation between conduct disorder symptoms and vulnerability to drug dependence.
Academic Article A genome-wide scan for loci influencing adolescent cannabis dependence symptoms: evidence for linkage on chromosomes 3 and 9.
Academic Article Perceived peer delinquency and the genetic predisposition for substance dependence vulnerability.
Academic Article Phenotypic and genetic factors in motives for smoking.
Academic Article A twin study of drinking and smoking onset and latencies from first use to regular use.
Academic Article Examining associations between disordered eating and serotonin transporter gene polymorphisms.
Academic Article Analyzing the relationship between age at onset and risk to relatives.
Academic Article Cardiac and metabolic activity in mild hypertensive and normotensive subjects.
Academic Article Genetics of Type A behavior in two European countries: evidence for sibling interaction.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on substance initiation, use, and problem use in adolescents.
Academic Article The application of structural equation modeling to maternal ratings of twins' behavioral and emotional problems.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on child reports of manifest anxiety and symptoms of separation anxiety and overanxious disorders: a community-based twin study.
Academic Article The structure of schizotypy: a pilot multitrait twin study.
Academic Article Sex differences and non-additivity in the effects of genes on personality.
Academic Article Common and specific genetic influences on aggressive and nonaggressive conduct disorder domains.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental analysis of behavioral risk factors for adolescent drug use in a community twin sample.
Academic Article Lipoprotein and oxygen transport alterations in passive smoking preadolescent children. The MCV Twin Study.
Academic Article Individual differences in childhood sleep problems predict later cognitive executive control.
Academic Article Common and drug-specific genetic influences on subjective effects to alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use.
Academic Article An item response theory analysis of DSM-IV conduct disorder.
Academic Article The moderating effect of religiosity on the genetic variance of problem alcohol use.
Concept Diseases in Twins
Academic Article Personality dimensions as common and broadband-specific features for internalizing and externalizing disorders.
Academic Article Longitudinal heritability of childhood aggression.
Academic Article The Speed of Progression to Tobacco and Alcohol Dependence: A Twin Study.
Academic Article Age of initiation and transition times to tobacco dependence: Early onset and rapid escalated use increase risk for dependence severity.
Academic Article Onset of regular cannabis use and young adult insomnia: an analysis of shared genetic liability.

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