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Academic Article Role of the secretion vesicle in the transport of receptors: modulation of somatostatin binding to pancreatic islets.
Academic Article The endocrine secretion granule revisited- postulating new functions.
Academic Article Kinetics of somatostatin receptor migration in isolated pancreatic islets.
Academic Article Fetal hyperinsulinemia increases farnesylation of p21 Ras in fetal tissues.
Academic Article Feedback inhibition of insulin on insulin secretion in isolated pancreatic islets.
Academic Article The nature of insulin secretory defect in aging rats.
Academic Article Insulin secretion in aging: studies with sequential gating of secretion vesicle margination and lysis.
Academic Article Control of secretion vesicle margination and lysis by glucose, IBMX, and glyburide.
Academic Article Localization of somatostatin receptors in secretion vesicles in anterior pituitary cells and pancreatic islets.
Academic Article Internalization and cellular processing of somatostatin in primary culture of rat anterior pituitary cells.
Academic Article Cytosolic free-calcium concentrations in normal pancreatic islet cells. Effect of secretagogues and somatostatin.
Academic Article Calmodulin and cyclic AMP. Possible different sites of action of these two regulatory agents in exocytotic hormone release.
Academic Article A unique control mechanism in the regulation of insulin secretion. Secretagogue-induced somatostatin receptor recruitment.
Academic Article Somatostatin receptors are biologically active before they are inserted into the plasma membrane.
Academic Article Somatostatin inhibits fusion of pituitary secretion vesicles with the plasma membranes.
Academic Article Exocytosis in normal anterior pituitary cells. Quantitative correlation between growth hormone release and the morphological features of exocytosis.
Concept Somatostatin
Concept Receptors, Somatostatin

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