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Academic Article Central connections of the posterior lateral line lobe in mormyrid fish.
Academic Article Two gustatory systems: facial and vagal gustatory nuclei have different brainstem connections.
Academic Article GABAergic innervation of the Mauthner cell and other reticulospinal neurons in the goldfish.
Academic Article Expression of the dopaminergic phenotype in the olfactory bulb: neither calcitonin gene-related peptide nor olfactory input is necessary.
Academic Article Cerebellar afferents in teleost catfish (Ictaluridae).
Academic Article Gustatory pathways in the bullhead catfish. 1. Connections of the anterior ganglion.
Academic Article Transcellular labeling of taste bud cells by carbocyanine dye (DiI) applied to peripheral nerves in the barbels of the catfish, Ictalurus punctatus.
Academic Article Calcium-fluxing glutamate receptors associated with primary gustatory afferent terminals in goldfish (Carassius auratus).
Academic Article Group III metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs) modulate transmission of gustatory inputs in the brain stem.
Academic Article Ascending general visceral pathways within the brainstems of two teleost fishes: Ictalurus punctatus and Carassius auratus.
Academic Article Forebrain connections of the gustatory system in ictalurid catfishes.
Academic Article Spinal and medullary dorsal cell axons in the trigeminal nerve in lampreys.
Academic Article Central organization of eighth nerve and mechanosensory lateral line systems in the brainstem of ictalurid catfish.
Academic Article Input to the medullary pacemaker nucleus in the weakly electric fish, Eigenmannia (sternopygidae, gymnotiformes).
Concept Afferent Pathways
Academic Article Nonolfactory sensory pathway to the telencephalon in a teleost fish.

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