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Academic Article Hominins, sedges, and termites: new carbon isotope data from the Sterkfontein valley and Kruger National Park.
Academic Article Combining isotopic and ecomorphological data to refine bovid paleodietary reconstruction: a case study from the Makapansgat Limeworks hominin locality.
Academic Article Stable isotopes in fossil hominin tooth enamel suggest a fundamental dietary shift in the Pliocene.
Academic Article Diet of Paranthropus boisei in the early Pleistocene of East Africa.
Academic Article The diet of Australopithecus sediba.
Academic Article Significance of diet type and diet quality for ecological diversity of African ungulates.
Academic Article Inter- and intrahabitat dietary variability of chacma baboons (Papio ursinus) in South African savannas based on fecal delta13C, delta15N, and %N.
Academic Article Isotopic evidence for dietary variability in the early hominin Paranthropus robustus.
Academic Article Tracking changing environments using stable carbon isotopes in fossil tooth enamel: an example from the South African hominin sites.
Academic Article Indications of habitat association of Australopithecus robustus in the Bloubank Valley, South Africa.
Academic Article Stable isotope series from elephant ivory reveal lifetime histories of a true dietary generalist.
Academic Article The confounding effects of source isotopic heterogeneity on consumer-diet and tissue-tissue stable isotope relationships.
Academic Article Strontium isotope evidence for landscape use by early hominins.
Concept Africa, Southern
Concept Africa, Eastern
Concept Africa
Concept South Africa
Academic Article The oxygen isotope composition of mammalian enamel carbonate from Morea Estate, South Africa.
Academic Article Grass leaves as potential hominin dietary resources.
Academic Article The ecomorphology of southern African rodent incisors: Potential applications to the hominin fossil record.
Academic Article Seasonal and habitat effects on the nutritional properties of savanna vegetation: Potential implications for early hominin dietary ecology.
Academic Article Intrataxonomic trends in herbivore enamel d13C are decoupled from ecosystem woody cover.

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