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Academic Article Activated glycogen synthase-3 beta suppresses cardiac hypertrophy in vivo.
Academic Article Dose-dependent blockade to cardiomyocyte hypertrophy by histone deacetylase inhibitors.
Academic Article Histone deacetylases 5 and 9 govern responsiveness of the heart to a subset of stress signals and play redundant roles in heart development.
Academic Article Canonical transient receptor potential channels promote cardiomyocyte hypertrophy through activation of calcineurin signaling.
Academic Article Control of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure by histone acetylation/deacetylation.
Academic Article Small-molecule therapies for cardiac hypertrophy: moving beneath the cell surface.
Academic Article YY1 protects cardiac myocytes from pathologic hypertrophy by interacting with HDAC5.
Academic Article Cardiac hypertrophy: sorting out the circuitry.
Academic Article Identification of orally available naphthyridine protein kinase D inhibitors.
Academic Article Myocyte-enriched calcineurin-interacting protein, MCIP1, inhibits cardiac hypertrophy in vivo.
Academic Article A novel protein kinase C target site in protein kinase D is phosphorylated in response to signals for cardiac hypertrophy.
Academic Article Signal-dependent repression of DUSP5 by class I HDACs controls nuclear ERK activity and cardiomyocyte hypertrophy.
Academic Article Signaling chromatin to make muscle.
Academic Article A small molecular activator of cardiac hypertrophy uncovered in a chemical screen for modifiers of the calcineurin signaling pathway.
Academic Article CaM kinase signaling induces cardiac hypertrophy and activates the MEF2 transcription factor in vivo.
Academic Article Decoding calcium signals involved in cardiac growth and function.
Academic Article Protein kinases C and D mediate agonist-dependent cardiac hypertrophy through nuclear export of histone deacetylase 5.
Academic Article The CRM1 nuclear export receptor controls pathological cardiac gene expression.
Academic Article Derepression of pathological cardiac genes by members of the CaM kinase superfamily.
Academic Article Suppression of HDAC nuclear export and cardiomyocyte hypertrophy by novel irreversible inhibitors of CRM1.
Academic Article Targeting histone deacetylases for heart failure.
Academic Article Identification of potent and selective amidobipyridyl inhibitors of protein kinase D.
Concept Cardiomegaly
Academic Article BET acetyl-lysine binding proteins control pathological cardiac hypertrophy.
Academic Article Estrogen regulates histone deacetylases to prevent cardiac hypertrophy.
Academic Article HDAC6 contributes to pathological responses of heart and skeletal muscle to chronic angiotensin-II signaling.
Academic Article BET-ting on chromatin-based therapeutics for heart failure.
Academic Article Diet and sex modify exercise and cardiac adaptation in the mouse.
Academic Article Transgenic over-expression of YY1 induces pathologic cardiac hypertrophy in a sex-specific manner.
Academic Article Non-sirtuin histone deacetylases in the control of cardiac aging.
Academic Article Myofibril growth during cardiac hypertrophy is regulated through dual phosphorylation and acetylation of the actin capping protein CapZ.
Academic Article Discovery of novel small molecule inhibitors of cardiac hypertrophy using high throughput, high content imaging.
Grant Isoform-Selective HDAC Inhibitors for Age-Associated Diastolic Dysfunction
Academic Article BET bromodomain inhibition suppresses innate inflammatory and profibrotic transcriptional networks in heart failure.
Academic Article Class I HDACs control a JIP1-dependent pathway for kinesin-microtubule binding in cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article Epigenomic regulation of heart failure: integrating histone marks, long noncoding RNAs, and chromatin architecture.
Concept Cardiomegaly, Exercise-Induced
Academic Article A Phosphatase Anchor Weighs on the Heart.

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