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Academic Article Regulation of telomere length and function by a Myb-domain protein in fission yeast.
Academic Article Cooperative binding of single-stranded telomeric DNA by the Pot1 protein of Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
Academic Article Human POT1 facilitates telomere elongation by telomerase.
Academic Article Structure of human POT1 bound to telomeric single-stranded DNA provides a model for chromosome end-protection.
Academic Article Switching human telomerase on and off with hPOT1 protein in vitro.
Academic Article POT1 stimulates RecQ helicases WRN and BLM to unwind telomeric DNA substrates.
Academic Article How telomeric protein POT1 avoids RNA to achieve specificity for single-stranded DNA.
Academic Article Functional interaction between telomere protein TPP1 and telomerase.
Academic Article Multiple POT1-TPP1 proteins coat and compact long telomeric single-stranded DNA.
Academic Article Pot1, the putative telomere end-binding protein in fission yeast and humans.
Academic Article Human Pot1 (protection of telomeres) protein: cytolocalization, gene structure, and alternative splicing.
Academic Article The TEL patch of telomere protein TPP1 mediates telomerase recruitment and processivity.
Academic Article Finding the end: recruitment of telomerase to telomeres.
Academic Article DNA self-recognition in the structure of Pot1 bound to telomeric single-stranded DNA.
Academic Article Three Ever Shorter Telomere (EST) genes are dispensable for in vitro yeast telomerase activity.
Academic Article Two modes of survival of fission yeast without telomerase.
Academic Article The POT1-TPP1 telomere complex is a telomerase processivity factor.
Academic Article Sequence-specific and 3'-end selective single-strand DNA binding by the Oxytricha nova telomere end binding protein alpha subunit.
Academic Article Human POT1 disrupts telomeric G-quadruplexes allowing telomerase extension in vitro.
Academic Article Inhibition of yeast telomerase action by the telomeric ssDNA-binding protein, Cdc13p.
Academic Article POT1-TPP1 enhances telomerase processivity by slowing primer dissociation and aiding translocation.
Academic Article DNA-induced dimerization of the single-stranded DNA binding telomeric protein Pot1 from Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
Concept Telomere-Binding Proteins
Academic Article Many disease-associated variants of hTERT retain high telomerase enzymatic activity.
Academic Article Inhibition of telomerase recruitment and cancer cell death.
Academic Article Identification of human TERT elements necessary for telomerase recruitment to telomeres.
Academic Article Contributions of the TEL-patch amino acid cluster on TPP1 to telomeric DNA synthesis by human telomerase.
Academic Article Live Cell Imaging Reveals the Dynamics of Telomerase Recruitment to Telomeres.
Academic Article Reconstitution of human shelterin complexes reveals unexpected stoichiometry and dual pathways to enhance telomerase processivity.
Academic Article Fission yeast telosomes: non-canonical histone-containing chromatin structures dependent on shelterin and RNA.
Academic Article The structure of human CST reveals a decameric assembly bound to telomeric DNA.
Academic Article Shaping human telomeres: from shelterin and CST complexes to telomeric chromatin organization.
Academic Article CST does not evict elongating telomerase but prevents initiation by ssDNA binding.

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