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Academic Article Organization of highly repeated sequences in mouse main-band DNA.
Academic Article Self-splicing RNA: autoexcision and autocyclization of the ribosomal RNA intervening sequence of Tetrahymena.
Academic Article Transcribed and non-transcribed regions of Tetrahymena ribosomal gene chromatin have different accessibilities to micrococcal nuclease.
Academic Article Different nucleosome spacing in transcribed and non-transcribed regions of the ribosomal RNA gene in Tetrahymena thermophila.
Academic Article Chromatin structure of the ribosomal RNA genes of Tetrahymena thermophila as analyzed by trimethylpsoralen crosslinking in vivo.
Academic Article Telomerase RNAs of different ciliates have a common secondary structure and a permuted template.
Academic Article The efficiency and versatility of catalytic RNA: implications for an RNA world.
Academic Article Oxytricha telomere-binding protein: separable DNA-binding and dimerization domains of the alpha-subunit.
Academic Article The anticodon is the signal sequence for mitochondrial import of glutamine tRNA in Tetrahymena.
Academic Article A tertiary interaction in the Tetrahymena intron contributes to selection of the 5' splice site.
Academic Article Chromosome end games.
Academic Article In vitro selection of RNAs with increased tertiary structure stability.
Academic Article Saccharomyces cerevisiae telomerase is an Sm small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle.
Academic Article Self-splicing of the Tetrahymena intron from mRNA in mammalian cells.
Academic Article Modulation of telomerase activity by telomere DNA-binding proteins in Oxytricha.
Academic Article Cloning and expression of genes for the Oxytricha telomere-binding protein: specific subunit interactions in the telomeric complex.
Academic Article Human POT1 facilitates telomere elongation by telomerase.
Academic Article RNA finds a simpler way.
Academic Article Binding of the CBP2 protein to a yeast mitochondrial group I intron requires the catalytic core of the RNA.
Academic Article Localization of transcribed regions on extrachromosomal ribosomal RNA genes of Tetrahymena thermophila by R-loop mapping.
Academic Article Expression of a RecQ helicase homolog affects progression through crisis in fission yeast lacking telomerase.
Academic Article Low abundance of telomerase in yeast: implications for telomerase haploinsufficiency.
Academic Article Multiple yeast genes, including Paf1 complex genes, affect telomere length via telomerase RNA abundance.
Academic Article Functional interaction between telomere protein TPP1 and telomerase.
Academic Article Essential functions of amino-terminal domains in the yeast telomerase catalytic subunit revealed by selection for viable mutants.
Academic Article Pot1, the putative telomere end-binding protein in fission yeast and humans.
Academic Article Two versions of the gene encoding the 41-kilodalton subunit of the telomere binding protein of Oxytricha nova.
Academic Article Conserved sequences and structures of group I introns: building an active site for RNA catalysis--a review.
Academic Article Chromatin structure at the replication origins and transcription-initiation regions of the ribosomal RNA genes of Tetrahymena.
Academic Article Chromatin structure of the molecular ends of Oxytricha macronuclear DNA: phased nucleosomes and a telomeric complex.
Academic Article Electron microscopy of DNA crosslinked with trimethylpsoralen: test of the secondary structure of eukaryotic inverted repeat sequences.
Academic Article Replication of the extrachromosomal ribosomal RNA genes of Tetrahymena thermophilia.
Academic Article Beginning to understand the end of the chromosome.
Academic Article Tethering ribozymes to a retroviral packaging signal for destruction of viral RNA.
Academic Article Reverse transcriptase motifs in the catalytic subunit of telomerase.
Academic Article Molecular cloning of telomere-binding protein genes from Stylonychia mytilis.
Academic Article Telomerase catalytic subunit homologs from fission yeast and human.
Academic Article Three Ever Shorter Telomere (EST) genes are dispensable for in vitro yeast telomerase activity.
Academic Article Telomerase reverse transcriptase genes identified in Tetrahymena thermophila and Oxytricha trifallax.
Academic Article Two modes of survival of fission yeast without telomerase.
Academic Article Protection of telomeres by the Ku protein in fission yeast.
Academic Article Euplotes telomerase contains an La motif protein produced by apparent translational frameshifting.
Academic Article Global expression changes resulting from loss of telomeric DNA in fission yeast.
Academic Article Tetrahymena telomerase protein p65 induces conformational changes throughout telomerase RNA (TER) and rescues telomerase reverse transcriptase and TER assembly mutants.
Academic Article Telomere shortening and loss of self-renewal in dyskeratosis congenita induced pluripotent stem cells.
Academic Article RNase P branches out from RNP to protein: organelle-triggered diversification?
Academic Article Phylogenetic relationships and altered genome structures among Tetrahymena mitochondrial DNAs.
Academic Article FUS binds the CTD of RNA polymerase II and regulates its phosphorylation at Ser2.
Academic Article Determinants of the 3' splice site for self-splicing of the Tetrahymena pre-rRNA.
Academic Article Self-splicing RNA and an RNA enzyme in Tetrahymena.
Academic Article Deletion of nonconserved helices near the 3' end of the rRNA intron of Tetrahymena thermophila alters self-splicing but not core catalytic activity.
Academic Article Telomeric DNA-protein interactions of Oxytricha macronuclear DNA.
Concept Genes, Reporter
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic
Concept Gene Expression Profiling
Concept Gene Amplification
Concept Gene Regulatory Networks
Concept Multigene Family
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Fungal
Concept Gene Expression
Concept Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide
Concept Gene Rearrangement
Concept Histone Code
Concept Catalytic Domain
Concept Genome, Human
Concept Structural Homology, Protein
Concept Open Reading Frames
Concept Genes
Concept Amino Acid Sequence
Concept Genes, Protozoan
Concept Lac Operon
Concept Gene Library
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic
Concept Sequence Homology, Amino Acid
Concept Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid
Concept Genome
Concept Molecular Structure
Concept Genes, Fungal
Concept Gene Deletion
Concept Gene Silencing
Concept Base Sequence
Concept Alleles
Concept Templates, Genetic
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Bacterial
Concept Gene Knockdown Techniques
Concept Gene Transfer Techniques
Concept Molecular Sequence Data
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Concept Conserved Sequence
Concept Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Concept Consensus Sequence
Concept Nucleic Acid Conformation
Concept Gene Dosage
Academic Article Promiscuous RNA binding by Polycomb repressive complex 2.
Academic Article Structure and function of steroid receptor RNA activator protein, the proposed partner of SRA noncoding RNA.
Academic Article The noncoding RNA revolution-trashing old rules to forge new ones.
Academic Article Identification of human TERT elements necessary for telomerase recruitment to telomeres.
Academic Article Human telomerase: biogenesis, trafficking, recruitment, and activation.
Academic Article Mutation of the TERT promoter, switch to active chromatin, and monoallelic TERT expression in multiple cancers.
Academic Article A novel two-step genome editing strategy with CRISPR-Cas9 provides new insights into telomerase action and TERT gene expression.
Academic Article The recruitment of chromatin modifiers by long noncoding RNAs: lessons from PRC2.
Academic Article Inhibition of telomerase RNA decay rescues telomerase deficiency caused by dyskerin or PARN defects.
Academic Article Live Cell Imaging Reveals the Dynamics of Telomerase Recruitment to Telomeres.
Academic Article Targeted CRISPR disruption reveals a role for RNase MRP RNA in human preribosomal RNA processing.
Academic Article Targeting of Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 to RNA by Short Repeats of Consecutive Guanines.
Grant TERT Promoter Mutations and Telomerase Reactivation in Cancer Cells
Academic Article How do lncRNAs regulate transcription?
Academic Article Molecular analysis of PRC2 recruitment to DNA in chromatin and its inhibition by RNA.
Academic Article Allele-Specific DNA Methylation and Its Interplay with Repressive Histone Marks at Promoter-Mutant TERT Genes.
Academic Article Live-cell imaging reveals the dynamics of PRC2 and recruitment to chromatin by SUZ12-associated subunits.
Concept Nucleotide Motifs
Concept Gene Editing
Concept Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats
Academic Article Single-cell imaging reveals unexpected heterogeneity of telomerase reverse transcriptase expression across human cancer cell lines.
Academic Article Regulation of histone methylation by automethylation of PRC2.
Academic Article Mesenchymal and MAPK Expression Signatures Associate with Telomerase Promoter Mutations in Multiple Cancers.
Academic Article Allele-Specific DNA Methylation and Its Interplay with Repressive Histone Marks at Promoter-Mutant TERT Genes.
Academic Article Competition between PRC2.1 and 2.2 subcomplexes regulates PRC2 chromatin occupancy in human stem cells.
Academic Article Allele-specific proximal promoter hypomethylation of the telomerase reverse transcriptase gene (TERT) associates with TERT expression in multiple cancers.
Academic Article TRIM28 is a transcriptional activator of the mutant TERT promoter in human bladder cancer.
Academic Article Polycomb-mediated genome architecture enables long-range spreading of H3K27 methylation.

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