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Academic Article Docking kinetics and equilibrium of a GAAA tetraloop-receptor motif probed by single-molecule FRET.
Academic Article Metal ion dependence, thermodynamics, and kinetics for intramolecular docking of a GAAA tetraloop and receptor connected by a flexible linker.
Academic Article Monovalent and divalent promoted GAAA tetraloop-receptor tertiary interactions from freely diffusing single-molecule studies.
Academic Article Enthalpy-driven RNA folding: single-molecule thermodynamics of tetraloop-receptor tertiary interaction.
Academic Article The role of counterion valence and size in GAAA tetraloop-receptor docking/undocking kinetics.
Academic Article Thermodynamic origins of monovalent facilitated RNA folding.
Academic Article Single-molecule studies of the lysine riboswitch reveal effector-dependent conformational dynamics of the aptamer domain.
Concept Kinetics
Academic Article Single-molecule kinetics reveal cation-promoted DNA duplex formation through ordering of single-stranded helices.
Academic Article An RNA folding motif: GNRA tetraloop-receptor interactions.
Academic Article Pulsed IR heating studies of single-molecule DNA duplex dissociation kinetics and thermodynamics.
Academic Article Single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer studies of the human telomerase RNA pseudoknot: temperature-/urea-dependent folding kinetics and thermodynamics.
Academic Article Molecular-crowding effects on single-molecule RNA folding/unfolding thermodynamics and kinetics.
Academic Article Single-molecule conformational dynamics of a biologically functional hydroxocobalamin riboswitch.
Academic Article Kinetic and thermodynamic origins of osmolyte-influenced nucleic acid folding.
Academic Article Mechanistic Insights into Cofactor-Dependent Coupling of RNA Folding and mRNA Transcription/Translation by a Cobalamin Riboswitch.
Academic Article Tests of Kramers' Theory at the Single-Molecule Level: Evidence for Folding of an Isolated RNA Tertiary Interaction at the Viscous Speed Limit.
Academic Article Amino Acid Stabilization of Nucleic Acid Secondary Structure: Kinetic Insights from Single-Molecule Studies.
Academic Article Single-Molecule FRET Kinetics of the Mn2+ Riboswitch: Evidence for Allosteric Mg2+ Control of "Induced-Fit" vs "Conformational Selection" Folding Pathways.
Academic Article Novel Heat-Promoted Folding Dynamics of the yybP-ykoY Manganese Riboswitch: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies at the Single-Molecule Level.
Academic Article Sequential Folding of the Nickel/Cobalt Riboswitch Is Facilitated by a Conformational Intermediate: Insights from Single-Molecule Kinetics and Thermodynamics.
Academic Article Single-molecule kinetic studies of DNA hybridization under extreme pressures.
Academic Article Chirality-Dependent Amino Acid Modulation of RNA Folding.
Academic Article Synergism in the Molecular Crowding of Ligand-Induced Riboswitch Folding: Kinetic/Thermodynamic Insights from Single-Molecule Spectroscopy.
Academic Article Ligand-Dependent Volumetric Characterization of Manganese Riboswitch Folding: A High-Pressure Single-Molecule Kinetic Study.
Academic Article Ionic Cooperativity between Lysine and Potassium in the Lysine Riboswitch: Single-Molecule Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies.
Academic Article Kinetic and Thermodynamic Control of G-Quadruplex Polymorphism by Na+ and K+ Cations.

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