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Academic Article c-fos mRNA induction in acute and chronic audiogenic stress: possible role of the orbitofrontal cortex in habituation.
Academic Article Stress rapidly increases alpha 1d adrenergic receptor mRNA in the rat dentate gyrus.
Academic Article Inhibition of the central extended amygdala by loud noise and restraint stress.
Academic Article A detailed characterization of loud noise stress: Intensity analysis of hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical axis and brain activation.
Academic Article Reversible inactivation of the auditory thalamus disrupts HPA axis habituation to repeated loud noise stress exposures.
Academic Article Long-term habituation to repeated loud noise is impaired by relatively short interstressor intervals in rats.
Academic Article Effects of voluntary wheel running on heart rate, body temperature, and locomotor activity in response to acute and repeated stressor exposures in rats.
Academic Article Auditory cortex lesions do not disrupt habituation of HPA axis responses to repeated noise stress.
Concept Noise
Academic Article Stressor-specific effects of sex on HPA axis hormones and activation of stress-related neurocircuitry.
Academic Article Central gene expression changes associated with enhanced neuroendocrine and autonomic response habituation to repeated noise stress after voluntary wheel running in rats.
Academic Article Habituation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis hormones to repeated homotypic stress and subsequent heterotypic stressor exposure in male and female rats.
Academic Article Reversible inactivation of rostral nucleus raphe pallidus attenuates acute autonomic responses but not their habituation to repeated audiogenic stress in rats.
Grant Neural Basis of Processive Stress
Grant Habituation of Repeated Stress
Grant Physical Activity and Adaptation to Stress
Grant Neural Basis of Processive Stress

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