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Academic Article Progesterone regulated expression of flavin-containing monooxygenase 5 by the B-isoform of progesterone receptors: implications for tamoxifen carcinogenicity.
Academic Article Progesterone receptor variants found in breast cells repress transcription by wild-type receptors.
Academic Article Convergence of progesterone and epidermal growth factor signaling in breast cancer. Potentiation of mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways.
Academic Article Hypothesis: Progesterone primes breast cancer cells for cross-talk with proliferative or antiproliferative signals.
Academic Article Nuclear receptor conformation, coregulators, and tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer.
Academic Article Differential gene regulation by the two progesterone receptor isoforms in human breast cancer cells.
Academic Article New human breast cancer cells to study progesterone receptor isoform ratio effects and ligand-independent gene regulation.
Academic Article Estradiol regulates different genes in human breast tumor xenografts compared with the identical cells in culture.
Academic Article Insulin receptor substrates mediate distinct biological responses to insulin-like growth factor receptor activation in breast cancer cells.
Academic Article microRNAs and EMT in mammary cells and breast cancer.
Academic Article Downregulation of miR-342 is associated with tamoxifen resistant breast tumors.
Academic Article Targets of miR-200c mediate suppression of cell motility and anoikis resistance.
Academic Article Thoughts on tamoxifen resistant breast cancer. Are coregulators the answer or just a red herring?
Academic Article MicroRNAs link estrogen receptor alpha status and Dicer levels in breast cancer.
Academic Article Progestin regulated miRNAs that mediate progesterone receptor action in breast cancer.
Academic Article Progestin suppression of miR-29 potentiates dedifferentiation of breast cancer cells via KLF4.
Academic Article miR-200c targets a NF-?B up-regulated TrkB/NTF3 autocrine signaling loop to enhance anoikis sensitivity in triple negative breast cancer.
Academic Article Expression profiling of human breast cancers and gene regulation by progesterone receptors.
Academic Article Progesterone-independent effects of human progesterone receptors (PRs) in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer: PR isoform-specific gene regulation and tumor biology.
Academic Article Convergence of progesterone with growth factor and cytokine signaling in breast cancer. Progesterone receptors regulate signal transducers and activators of transcription expression and activity.
Academic Article Quantitative analysis of gene regulation by seven clinically relevant progestins suggests a highly similar mechanism of action through progesterone receptors in T47D breast cancer cells.
Academic Article Progesterone pre-treatment potentiates EGF pathway signaling in the breast cancer cell line ZR-75.
Academic Article Progestin-dependent induction of vascular endothelial growth factor in human breast cancer cells: preferential regulation by progesterone receptor B.
Academic Article Progesterone increases tissue factor gene expression, procoagulant activity, and invasion in the breast cancer cell line ZR-75-1.
Academic Article Molecular signatures of neoadjuvant endocrine therapy for breast cancer: characteristics of response or intrinsic resistance.
Academic Article Estrogen regulated gene expression in response to neoadjuvant endocrine therapy of breast cancers: tamoxifen agonist effects dominate in the presence of an aromatase inhibitor.
Academic Article Ovarian steroid hormones: what's hot in the stem cell pool?
Academic Article The miR-200 and miR-221/222 microRNA families: opposing effects on epithelial identity.
Concept Breast Neoplasms
Academic Article Glucose promotes breast cancer aggression and reduces metformin efficacy.
Academic Article Epigenetic reprogramming of HOXC10 in endocrine-resistant breast cancer.
Academic Article Role of the androgen receptor in breast cancer and preclinical analysis of enzalutamide.
Academic Article Metformin-induced killing of triple-negative breast cancer cells is mediated by reduction in fatty acid synthase via miRNA-193b.
Academic Article Multiple molecular subtypes of triple-negative breast cancer critically rely on androgen receptor and respond to enzalutamide in vivo.
Academic Article Progesterone downregulation of miR-141 contributes to expansion of stem-like breast cancer cells through maintenance of progesterone receptor and Stat5a.
Academic Article Androgen Receptor Biology in Triple Negative Breast Cancer: a Case for Classification as AR+ or Quadruple Negative Disease.
Academic Article A TDO2-AhR signaling axis facilitates anoikis resistance and metastasis in triple-negative breast cancer.
Academic Article Anti-androgen therapy in triple-negative breast cancer.
Academic Article Dicer expression in estrogen receptor-positive versus triple-negative breast cancer: an antibody comparison.
Academic Article Cooperative Dynamics of AR and ER Activity in Breast Cancer.
Academic Article MMTV-PyMT and Derived Met-1 Mouse Mammary Tumor Cells as Models for Studying the Role of the Androgen Receptor in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Progression.
Academic Article Androgen Receptor Supports an Anchorage-Independent, Cancer Stem Cell-like Population in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Synergy between Androgen Receptor Antagonism and Inhibition of mTOR and HER2 in Breast Cancer.
Academic Article The Androgen Receptor Supports Tumor Progression After the Loss of Ovarian Function in a Preclinical Model of Obesity and Breast Cancer.
Grant Targeting Androgen Receptor in Breast Cancer: Enzalutamide as a Novel Breast Cancer Therapeutic
Grant Androgen Receptor and Intersecting Pathways Critical to Breast Cancer Subtypes
Grant Molecular modeling of estrogen receptor alpha mutated breast cancer to guide new therapeutic strategies
Grant Targeting Tryptophan Catabolism: A Novel Method to Block Triple Negative Breast Cancer Metastasis
Academic Article Targeting Androgen Receptor in Treating HER2 Positive Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Harnessing a Different Dependency: How to Identify and Target Androgen Receptor-Positive Versus Quadruple-Negative Breast Cancer.
Academic Article A Role for Tryptophan-2,3-dioxygenase in CD8 T-cell Suppression and Evidence of Tryptophan Catabolism in Breast Cancer Patient Plasma.
Academic Article Reversal of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer EMT by miR-200c Decreases Tryptophan Catabolism and a Program of Immunosuppression.
Concept Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms
Academic Article A Positive Feedback Loop Between TGF? and Androgen Receptor Supports Triple-negative Breast Cancer Anoikis Resistance.
Academic Article Hormonal Regulation of Semaphorin 7a in ER+ Breast Cancer Drives Therapeutic Resistance.
Academic Article Steroid Hormone Receptor and Infiltrating Immune Cell Status Reveals Therapeutic Vulnerabilities of ESR1-Mutant Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Estrogen Receptor Alpha Mutations in Breast Cancer Cells Cause Gene Expression Changes through Constant Activity and Secondary Effects.
Academic Article Activity of Combined Androgen Receptor Antagonism and Cell Cycle Inhibition in Androgen Receptor Positive Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
Academic Article MicroRNA-200c restoration reveals a cytokine profile to enhance M1 macrophage polarization in breast cancer.
Academic Article Reversing an Oncogenic Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition Program in Breast Cancer Reveals Actionable Immune Suppressive Pathways.
Academic Article Secreted indicators of androgen receptor activity in breast cancer pre-clinical models.
Academic Article Hotspot ESR1 Mutations Are Multimodal and Contextual Modulators of Breast Cancer Metastasis.
Academic Article ESR1 mutant breast cancers show elevated basal cytokeratins and immune activation.
Academic Article Mutual exclusivity of ESR1 and TP53 mutations in endocrine resistant metastatic breast cancer.
Academic Article NPC1 Confers Metabolic Flexibility in Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Best Practices for Spatial Profiling for Breast Cancer Research with the GeoMx? Digital Spatial Profiler.
Academic Article Antigens Expressed by Breast Cancer Cells Undergoing EMT Stimulate Cytotoxic CD8+ T Cell Immunity.
Academic Article A single N6-methyladenosine site regulates lncRNA HOTAIR function in breast cancer cells.
Academic Article RUNX1 Is Regulated by Androgen Receptor to Promote Cancer Stem Markers and Chemotherapy Resistance in Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Phase II trial of fulvestrant plus enzalutamide in ER+/HER2- advanced breast cancer.

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