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Academic Article In situ forming degradable networks and their application in tissue engineering and drug delivery.
Academic Article Encapsulating chondrocytes in degrading PEG hydrogels with high modulus: engineering gel structural changes to facilitate cartilaginous tissue production.
Academic Article The role of hydrogel structure and dynamic loading on chondrocyte gene expression and matrix formation.
Academic Article Cell encapsulation in biodegradable hydrogels for tissue engineering applications.
Academic Article Cross-linking density alters early metabolic activities in chondrocytes encapsulated in poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels and cultured in the rotating wall vessel.
Academic Article Cell-matrix interactions and dynamic mechanical loading influence chondrocyte gene expression and bioactivity in PEG-RGD hydrogels.
Academic Article Mechanical loading regimes affect the anabolic and catabolic activities by chondrocytes encapsulated in PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article Temporal progression of the host response to implanted poly(ethylene glycol)-based hydrogels.
Academic Article Incorporation of biomimetic matrix molecules in PEG hydrogels enhances matrix deposition and reduces load-induced loss of chondrocyte-secreted matrix.
Academic Article The effects of crosslinking density on cartilage formation in photocrosslinkable hydrogels.
Academic Article Comparative study of the viscoelastic mechanical behavior of agarose and poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels.
Academic Article Age impacts extracellular matrix metabolism in chondrocytes encapsulated in degradable hydrogels.
Academic Article Chondroitin sulfate and dynamic loading alter chondrogenesis of human MSCs in PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article Controlling the spatial distribution of ECM components in degradable PEG hydrogels for tissue engineering cartilage.
Academic Article Tailoring the degradation of hydrogels formed from multivinyl poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(vinyl alcohol) macromers for cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article Manipulations in hydrogel chemistry control photoencapsulated chondrocyte behavior and their extracellular matrix production.
Academic Article Biomaterials: where we have been and where we are going.
Academic Article Photo-patterning of porous hydrogels for tissue engineering.
Academic Article Degradable poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate)-co-polycaprolactone hydrogels for tissue engineering scaffolds.
Academic Article Medium osmolarity and pericellular matrix development improves chondrocyte survival when photoencapsulated in poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels at low densities.
Academic Article Designing 3D photopolymer hydrogels to regulate biomechanical cues and tissue growth for cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article Dynamic compressive loading influences degradation behavior of PEG-PLA hydrogels.
Academic Article Influence of ECM proteins and their analogs on cells cultured on 2-D hydrogels for cardiac muscle tissue engineering.
Academic Article Degradation improves tissue formation in (un)loaded chondrocyte-laden hydrogels.
Academic Article Dynamic loading stimulates chondrocyte biosynthesis when encapsulated in charged hydrogels prepared from poly(ethylene glycol) and chondroitin sulfate.
Academic Article On the role of hydrogel structure and degradation in controlling the transport of cell-secreted matrix molecules for engineered cartilage.
Academic Article Triphasic mixture model of cell-mediated enzymatic degradation of hydrogels.
Academic Article The role of the PCM in reducing oxidative stress induced by radical initiated photoencapsulation of chondrocytes in poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels.
Concept Biomedical Engineering
Concept Tissue Engineering
Academic Article Comparison of photopolymerizable thiol-ene PEG and acrylate-based PEG hydrogels for cartilage development.
Academic Article Interaction of hyaluronan binding peptides with glycosaminoglycans in poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels.
Academic Article Semi-interpenetrating networks of hyaluronic acid in degradable PEG hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article Tissue engineering approaches to cell-based type 1 diabetes therapy.
Academic Article An enzyme-sensitive PEG hydrogel based on aggrecan catabolism for cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article Physiological osmolarities do not enhance long-term tissue synthesis in chondrocyte-laden degradable poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels.
Academic Article Mechanical loading regulates human MSC differentiation in a multi-layer hydrogel for osteochondral tissue engineering.
Academic Article Tuning Reaction and Diffusion Mediated Degradation of Enzyme-Sensitive Hydrogels.
Academic Article The In Vitro and In Vivo Response to MMP-Sensitive Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Hydrogels.
Academic Article Nondestructive evaluation of a new hydrolytically degradable and photo-clickable PEG hydrogel for cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article Tuning tissue growth with scaffold degradation in enzyme-sensitive hydrogels: a mathematical model.
Academic Article Mechanical characterization of sequentially layered photo-clickable thiol-ene hydrogels.
Academic Article * Understanding the Spatiotemporal Degradation Behavior of Aggrecanase-Sensitive Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogels for Use in Cartilage Tissue Engineering.
Grant The Interplay between Macrophages and Differentiating MSCs in Cell-Laden Hydrogel
Grant Engineering Bimodal Degrading Hydrogels
Grant Mechanical Stimulation of Cells in Photopolymerized Gels
Grant Modulating the Host Response to Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
Grant Mechanically Stiff Hydrogels for Osteochondral Tissue Engineering
Grant Dynamically Responsive Bioreactors for Cartilage Regeneration
Academic Article Heterogeneity is key to hydrogel-based cartilage tissue regeneration.
Academic Article Current and novel injectable hydrogels to treat focal chondral lesions: Properties and applicability.
Academic Article Programmable Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation and Neo-Tissue Growth to Enable Personalized Tissue Engineering.
Grant Physeal cartilage tissue engineering using mesenchymal stem cells directed towards chondrogenesis
Academic Article A MMP7-sensitive photoclickable biomimetic hydrogel for MSC encapsulation towards engineering human cartilage.
Academic Article The effects of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles embedded in a MMP-sensitive photoclickable PEG hydrogel on encapsulated MC3T3-E1 pre-osteoblasts.
Academic Article Local Heterogeneities Improve Matrix Connectivity in Degradable and Photoclickable Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogels for Applications in Tissue Engineering.
Academic Article The Host Response in Tissue Engineering: Crosstalk Between Immune cells and Cell-laden Scaffolds.
Academic Article The role of chondroitin sulfate in regulating hypertrophy during MSC chondrogenesis in a cartilage mimetic hydrogel under dynamic loading.
Academic Article Photopolymerizable Injectable Cartilage Mimetic Hydrogel for the Treatment of Focal Chondral Lesions: A Proof of Concept Study in a Rabbit Animal Model.
Academic Article An in vitro and in vivo comparison of cartilage growth in chondrocyte-laden matrix metalloproteinase-sensitive poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels with localized transforming growth factor ?3.
Academic Article Viscoelasticity of hydrazone crosslinked poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels directs chondrocyte morphology during mechanical deformation.
Academic Article Mechanobiological Interactions between Dynamic Compressive Loading and Viscoelasticity on Chondrocytes in Hydrazone Covalent Adaptable Networks for Cartilage Tissue Engineering.
Academic Article Biomimetic and mechanically supportive 3D printed scaffolds for cartilage and osteochondral tissue engineering using photopolymers and digital light processing.
Academic Article Mechanics of 3D Cell-Hydrogel Interactions: Experiments, Models, and Mechanisms.
Academic Article Particulate ECM biomaterial ink is 3D printed and naturally crosslinked to form structurally-layered and lubricated cartilage tissue mimics.

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