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Academic Article Photodegradable hydrogels for dynamic tuning of physical and chemical properties.
Academic Article Synthesis of photodegradable hydrogels as dynamically tunable cell culture platforms.
Academic Article Photocontrolled nanoparticles for on-demand release of proteins.
Academic Article Tunable hydrogels for external manipulation of cellular microenvironments through controlled photodegradation.
Concept Photolysis
Academic Article Clickable, photodegradable hydrogels to dynamically modulate valvular interstitial cell phenotype.
Academic Article Design and characterization of a synthetically accessible, photodegradable hydrogel for user-directed formation of neural networks.
Academic Article In vitro model alveoli from photodegradable microsphere templates.
Academic Article Controlled two-photon photodegradation of PEG hydrogels to study and manipulate subcellular interactions on soft materials.
Academic Article Modeling Controlled Photodegradation in Optically Thick Hydrogels.
Academic Article Amplified Photodegradation of Cell-Laden Hydrogels via an Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer Reaction.
Academic Article Immunofunctional photodegradable poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel surfaces for the capture and release of rare cells.
Academic Article The Effect of Thiol Structure on Allyl Sulfide Photodegradable Hydrogels and their Application as a Degradable Scaffold for Organoid Passaging.

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