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Academic Article Mechanical properties of hydrogels and their experimental determination.
Academic Article Mucoadhesive poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels produced by freezing/thawing processes: applications in the development of wound healing systems.
Academic Article Photopolymerization of multilaminated poly(HEMA) hydrogels for controlled release.
Academic Article Fundamental studies of biodegradable hydrogels as cartilage replacement materials.
Academic Article Hydrogel properties influence ECM production by chondrocytes photoencapsulated in poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels.
Academic Article Synthesis and characterization of photocrosslinkable, degradable poly(vinyl alcohol)-based tissue engineering scaffolds.
Academic Article Delivery of osteoinductive growth factors from degradable PEG hydrogels influences osteoblast differentiation and mineralization.
Academic Article In vitro osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells photoencapsulated in PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article Tissue engineering of cartilage.
Academic Article Encapsulating chondrocytes in degrading PEG hydrogels with high modulus: engineering gel structural changes to facilitate cartilaginous tissue production.
Academic Article Crosslinking density influences the morphology of chondrocytes photoencapsulated in PEG hydrogels during the application of compressive strain.
Academic Article Designing scaffolds for valvular interstitial cells: cell adhesion and function on naturally derived materials.
Academic Article Cell-based therapies and tissue engineering.
Academic Article Three-dimensional growth and function of neural tissue in degradable polyethylene glycol hydrogels.
Academic Article Incorporation of tissue-specific molecules alters chondrocyte metabolism and gene expression in photocrosslinked hydrogels.
Academic Article Synthesis and characterization of a fluvastatin-releasing hydrogel delivery system to modulate hMSC differentiation and function for bone regeneration.
Academic Article The effect of heparin-functionalized PEG hydrogels on three-dimensional human mesenchymal stem cell osteogenic differentiation.
Academic Article PEG-based hydrogels as an in vitro encapsulation platform for testing controlled beta-cell microenvironments.
Academic Article Synthesis of immunoisolation barriers that provide localized immunosuppression for encapsulated pancreatic islets.
Academic Article Temporal changes in peg hydrogel structure influence human mesenchymal stem cell proliferation and matrix mineralization.
Academic Article Chondrogenic differentiation potential of human mesenchymal stem cells photoencapsulated within poly(ethylene glycol)-arginine-glycine-aspartic acid-serine thiol-methacrylate mixed-mode networks.
Academic Article Materials science. Hydrogel cell cultures.
Academic Article The effect of bioactive hydrogels on the secretion of extracellular matrix molecules by valvular interstitial cells.
Academic Article The enhancement of chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by enzymatically regulated RGD functionalities.
Academic Article Effects of PEG hydrogel crosslinking density on protein diffusion and encapsulated islet survival and function.
Academic Article Effects of directed gel degradation and collagenase digestion on the integration of neocartilage produced by chondrocytes encapsulated in hydrogel carriers.
Academic Article Ultrasound monitoring of cartilaginous matrix evolution in degradable PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article PEG hydrogels for the controlled release of biomolecules in regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Photodegradable hydrogels for dynamic tuning of physical and chemical properties.
Academic Article Hydrogels as extracellular matrix mimics for 3D cell culture.
Academic Article Mesenchymal stem cells for craniofacial tissue regeneration: designing hydrogel delivery vehicles.
Academic Article Characterization of valvular interstitial cell function in three dimensional matrix metalloproteinase degradable PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article Poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels formed by thiol-ene photopolymerization for enzyme-responsive protein delivery.
Academic Article In situ elasticity modulation with dynamic substrates to direct cell phenotype.
Academic Article Enzyme-mediated redox initiation for hydrogel generation and cellular encapsulation.
Academic Article Mechanical properties of cellularly responsive hydrogels and their experimental determination.
Academic Article Injectable and photopolymerizable tissue-engineered auricular cartilage using poly(ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate copolymer hydrogels.
Academic Article Transdermal photopolymerization of poly(ethylene oxide)-based injectable hydrogels for tissue-engineered cartilage.
Academic Article Photopolymerized, multilaminated matrix devices with optimized nonuniform initial concentration profiles to control drug release.
Academic Article Synthesis of photodegradable hydrogels as dynamically tunable cell culture platforms.
Academic Article Spatial and temporal control of the alkyne-azide cycloaddition by photoinitiated Cu(II) reduction.
Academic Article The effects of crosslinking density on cartilage formation in photocrosslinkable hydrogels.
Academic Article Functionalized PEG hydrogels through reactive dip-coating for the formation of immunoactive barriers.
Academic Article Polymerizable superoxide dismutase mimetic protects cells encapsulated in poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels from reactive oxygen species-mediated damage.
Academic Article Photoreversible patterning of biomolecules within click-based hydrogels.
Academic Article Strategies to reduce dendritic cell activation through functional biomaterial design.
Academic Article Advances in bioactive hydrogels to probe and direct cell fate.
Academic Article Small peptide functionalized thiol-ene hydrogels as culture substrates for understanding valvular interstitial cell activation and de novo tissue deposition.
Academic Article Redirecting valvular myofibroblasts into dormant fibroblasts through light-mediated reduction in substrate modulus.
Academic Article Cell-mediated delivery of glucocorticoids from thiol-ene hydrogels.
Academic Article Extracellular matrix protein adsorption to phosphate-functionalized gels from serum promotes osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells.
Academic Article In situ control of cell substrate microtopographies using photolabile hydrogels.
Academic Article Controlling the spatial distribution of ECM components in degradable PEG hydrogels for tissue engineering cartilage.
Academic Article Tailoring the degradation of hydrogels formed from multivinyl poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(vinyl alcohol) macromers for cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article Manipulations in hydrogel chemistry control photoencapsulated chondrocyte behavior and their extracellular matrix production.
Academic Article DNA delivery from photocrosslinked PEG hydrogels: encapsulation efficiency, release profiles, and DNA quality.
Academic Article The effect of ethylene glycol methacrylate phosphate in PEG hydrogels on mineralization and viability of encapsulated hMSCs.
Academic Article Manipulations in hydrogel degradation behavior enhance osteoblast function and mineralized tissue formation.
Academic Article Contrasting effects of collagen and bFGF-2 on neural cell function in degradable synthetic PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article Controlling cartilaginous matrix evolution in hydrogels with degradation triggered by exogenous addition of an enzyme.
Academic Article Photoencapsulation of osteoblasts in injectable RGD-modified PEG hydrogels for bone tissue engineering.
Academic Article Gene delivery in tissue engineering: a photopolymer platform to coencapsulate cells and plasmid DNA.
Academic Article Crosslinking density influences chondrocyte metabolism in dynamically loaded photocrosslinked poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels.
Academic Article Dexamethasone-functionalized gels induce osteogenic differentiation of encapsulated hMSCs.
Academic Article Exogenously triggered, enzymatic degradation of photopolymerized hydrogels with polycaprolactone subunits: experimental observation and modeling of mass loss behavior.
Academic Article Controlling network structure in degradable thiol-acrylate biomaterials to tune mass loss behavior.
Academic Article Small functional groups for controlled differentiation of hydrogel-encapsulated human mesenchymal stem cells.
Academic Article Characterizing multilaminated hydrogels with spatially varying network structure and solute loading using confocal laser scanning microscopy.
Academic Article Human neutrophil elastase responsive delivery from poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels.
Academic Article Integrin-linked kinase production prevents anoikis in human mesenchymal stem cells.
Academic Article The effects of cell-matrix interactions on encapsulated beta-cell function within hydrogels functionalized with matrix-derived adhesive peptides.
Academic Article Multifunctional pancreatic islet encapsulation barriers achieved via multilayer PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article Three-dimensional biochemical patterning of click-based composite hydrogels via thiolene photopolymerization.
Academic Article Formation of three-dimensional hydrogel multilayers using enzyme-mediated redox chain initiation.
Academic Article Photocrosslinking of gelatin macromers to synthesize porous hydrogels that promote valvular interstitial cell function.
Academic Article Sequential click reactions for synthesizing and patterning three-dimensional cell microenvironments.
Academic Article Functional PEG-peptide hydrogels to modulate local inflammation induced by the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNFalpha.
Academic Article Glucagon-like peptide-1 functionalized PEG hydrogels promote survival and function of encapsulated pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article The performance of human mesenchymal stem cells encapsulated in cell-degradable polymer-peptide hydrogels.
Academic Article Photoinitiated polymerization of PEG-diacrylate with lithium phenyl-2,4,6-trimethylbenzoylphosphinate: polymerization rate and cytocompatibility.
Academic Article Regulating MCP-1 diffusion in affinity hydrogels for enhancing immuno-isolation.
Academic Article Tunable hydrogels for external manipulation of cellular microenvironments through controlled photodegradation.
Academic Article Synthesis and characterization of degradable bioconjugated hydrogels with hyperbranched multifunctional cross-linkers.
Academic Article Affinity peptides protect transforming growth factor beta during encapsulation in poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels.
Academic Article Cell-cell communication mimicry with poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels for enhancing beta-cell function.
Academic Article A microwell cell culture platform for the aggregation of pancreatic ?-cells.
Academic Article Thiol-ene photopolymerizations provide a facile method to encapsulate proteins and maintain their bioactivity.
Academic Article Synthetically tractable click hydrogels for three-dimensional cell culture formed using tetrazine-norbornene chemistry.
Academic Article Cytocompatible click-based hydrogels with dynamically tunable properties through orthogonal photoconjugation and photocleavage reactions.
Academic Article Responsive culture platform to examine the influence of microenvironmental geometry on cell function in 3D.
Academic Article Diels-Alder mediated controlled release from a poly(ethylene glycol) based hydrogel.
Academic Article Three-dimensional hMSC motility within peptide-functionalized PEG-based hydrogels of varying adhesivity and crosslinking density.
Concept Hydrogels
Academic Article Direct measurement of matrix metalloproteinase activity in 3D cellular microenvironments using a fluorogenic peptide substrate.
Academic Article An improved cryosection method for polyethylene glycol hydrogels used in tissue engineering.
Academic Article Bioactive hydrogels: Lighting the way.
Academic Article Wavelength-controlled photocleavage for the orthogonal and sequential release of multiple proteins.
Academic Article Hydrogels preserve native phenotypes of valvular fibroblasts through an elasticity-regulated PI3K/AKT pathway.
Academic Article A quantitative comparison of human HT-1080 fibrosarcoma cells and primary human dermal fibroblasts identifies a 3D migration mechanism with properties unique to the transformed phenotype.
Academic Article Biophysically defined and cytocompatible covalently adaptable networks as viscoelastic 3D cell culture systems.
Academic Article Photo-click living strategy for controlled, reversible exchange of biochemical ligands.
Academic Article Modulation of matrix elasticity with PEG hydrogels to study melanoma drug responsiveness.
Academic Article Clickable, photodegradable hydrogels to dynamically modulate valvular interstitial cell phenotype.
Academic Article Mechanical memory and dosing influence stem cell fate.
Academic Article Design and characterization of a synthetically accessible, photodegradable hydrogel for user-directed formation of neural networks.
Academic Article Measuring cellular forces using bis-aliphatic hydrazone crosslinked stress-relaxing hydrogels.
Academic Article Photodegradable hydrogels for selective capture and release of Mammalian cells.
Academic Article Dynamic stiffening of poly(ethylene glycol)-based hydrogels to direct valvular interstitial cell phenotype in a three-dimensional environment.
Academic Article Photoresponsive elastic properties of azobenzene-containing poly(ethylene-glycol)-based hydrogels.
Academic Article Covalently tethered transforming growth factor beta in PEG hydrogels promotes chondrogenic differentiation of encapsulated human mesenchymal stem cells.
Academic Article Synthetic mimics of the extracellular matrix: how simple is complex enough?
Academic Article Development of a cellularly degradable PEG hydrogel to promote articular cartilage extracellular matrix deposition.
Academic Article Multifunctional bioscaffolds for 3D culture of melanoma cells reveal increased MMP activity and migration with BRAF kinase inhibition.
Academic Article Measuring dynamic cell-material interactions and remodeling during 3D human mesenchymal stem cell migration in hydrogels.
Academic Article In vitro model alveoli from photodegradable microsphere templates.
Academic Article Thiol-ene and photo-cleavage chemistry for controlled presentation of biomolecules in hydrogels.
Academic Article Microarray analyses to quantify advantages of 2D and 3D hydrogel culture systems in maintaining the native valvular interstitial cell phenotype.
Academic Article A synthetic modular approach for modeling the role of the 3D microenvironment in tumor progression.
Academic Article Transcriptional profiles of valvular interstitial cells cultured on tissue culture polystyrene, on 2D hydrogels, or within 3D hydrogels.
Academic Article Articular cartilage generation applying PEG-LA-DM/PEGDM copolymer hydrogels.
Academic Article Spatially patterned matrix elasticity directs stem cell fate.
Academic Article Three-Dimensional High-Throughput Cell Encapsulation Platform to Study Changes in Cell-Matrix Interactions.
Academic Article Role of cell-matrix interactions on VIC phenotype and tissue deposition in 3D PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article Multifunctional hydrogels that promote osteogenic hMSC differentiation through stimulation and sequestering of BMP2.
Academic Article Peptide-Functionalized Click Hydrogels with Independently Tunable Mechanics and Chemical Functionality for 3D Cell Culture.
Academic Article Controlled two-photon photodegradation of PEG hydrogels to study and manipulate subcellular interactions on soft materials.
Academic Article Mechanical Properties and Degradation of Chain and Step Polymerized Photodegradable Hydrogels.
Academic Article Modeling Controlled Photodegradation in Optically Thick Hydrogels.
Academic Article Controlling Affinity Binding with Peptide-Functionalized Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogels.
Academic Article Osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells on a5 integrin binding peptide hydrogels is dependent on substrate elasticity.
Academic Article Hydrogels in Healthcare: From Static to Dynamic Material Microenvironments.
Academic Article PEG-peptide hydrogels reveal differential effects of matrix microenvironmental cues on melanoma drug sensitivity.
Academic Article Amplified Photodegradation of Cell-Laden Hydrogels via an Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer Reaction.
Academic Article Photodegradable, Photoadaptable Hydrogels via Radical-Mediated Disulfide Fragmentation Reaction.
Academic Article Myofibroblastic activation of valvular interstitial cells is modulated by spatial variations in matrix elasticity and its organization.
Grant Protease Activity in 3D Matrices
Grant Photopolymerized Gels for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
Grant Bioactive Hydrogel Niches for 3D VIC Culture
Grant Hydrogels to Study Synergistic Effects of Signaling Factors and Matrix Mechanics on Valve Disease Progression
Grant Mechanical Dosing Effects on MSCs
Grant Online Monitoring and Control of Functional Cartilage Regeneration in Hydrogels
Academic Article Clickable Microgel Scaffolds as Platforms for 3D Cell Encapsulation.
Academic Article Hydrogels with Reversible Mechanics to Probe Dynamic Cell Microenvironments.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal hydrogel biomaterials for regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Multifunctional Pancreatic Islet Encapsulation Barriers Achieved via Multilayer PEG Hydrogels.
Academic Article Reproducible Dendronized PEG Hydrogels via SPAAC Cross-Linking.
Academic Article The design of reversible hydrogels to capture extracellular matrix dynamics.
Academic Article Epithelial-mesenchymal crosstalk influences cellular behavior in a 3D alveolus-fibroblast model system.
Academic Article Thermal Stabilization of Biologics with Photoresponsive Hydrogels.
Academic Article Reversible Control of Network Properties in Azobenzene-Containing Hyaluronic Acid-Based Hydrogels.
Academic Article Photopolymerized dynamic hydrogels with tunable viscoelastic properties through thioester exchange.
Academic Article A Reversible and Repeatable Thiol-Ene Bioconjugation for Dynamic Patterning of Signaling Proteins in Hydrogels.
Academic Article Secondary Photocrosslinking of Click Hydrogels To Probe Myoblast Mechanotransduction in Three Dimensions.
Academic Article Adaptable Fast Relaxing Boronate-Based Hydrogels for Probing Cell-Matrix Interactions.
Academic Article Hydrazone covalent adaptable networks modulate extracellular matrix deposition for cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article Immunofunctional photodegradable poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel surfaces for the capture and release of rare cells.
Academic Article Gold Nanoparticle-Functionalized Reverse Thermal Gel for Tissue Engineering Applications.
Academic Article FGF-2 inhibits contractile properties of valvular interstitial cell myofibroblasts encapsulated in 3D MMP-degradable hydrogels.
Academic Article PEG-Anthracene Hydrogels as an On-Demand Stiffening Matrix To Study Mechanobiology.
Academic Article Three-dimensional encapsulation of adult mouse cardiomyocytes in hydrogels with tunable stiffness.
Academic Article Quantifying heart valve interstitial cell contractile state using highly tunable poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels.
Grant Synthetic hydrogels to study formation and maintenance of intestinal crypts
Academic Article Adaptable boronate ester hydrogels with tunable viscoelastic spectra to probe timescale dependent mechanotransduction.
Academic Article Transcatheter aortic valve replacements alter circulating serum factors to mediate myofibroblast deactivation.
Academic Article Thiol-ene Hydrogels for Local Delivery of PTH for Bone Regeneration in Critical Size defects.
Academic Article Phototunable Viscoelasticity in Hydrogels Through Thioester Exchange.
Academic Article The Effect of Thiol Structure on Allyl Sulfide Photodegradable Hydrogels and their Application as a Degradable Scaffold for Organoid Passaging.
Academic Article Viscoelasticity of hydrazone crosslinked poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels directs chondrocyte morphology during mechanical deformation.
Academic Article Impact of Release Kinetics on Efficacy of Locally Delivered Parathyroid Hormone for Bone Regeneration Applications.
Academic Article Nuclear mechanosensing controls MSC osteogenic potential through HDAC epigenetic remodeling.
Academic Article Calcium Signaling Regulates Valvular Interstitial Cell Alignment and Myofibroblast Activation in Fast-Relaxing Boronate Hydrogels.
Academic Article Collagen networks within 3D PEG hydrogels support valvular interstitial cell matrix mineralization.
Academic Article Engineering the MSC Secretome: A Hydrogel Focused Approach.
Academic Article 3D printing of sacrificial thioester elastomers using digital light processing for templating 3D organoid structures in soft biomatrices.
Academic Article Impact of Collagen Triple Helix Structure on Melanoma Cell Invadopodia Formation and Matrix Degradation upon BRAF Inhibitor Treatment.
Academic Article Tissue geometry drives deterministic organoid patterning.
Academic Article In Situ Super-Resolution Imaging of Organoids and Extracellular Matrix Interactions via Phototransfer by Allyl Sulfide Exchange-Expansion Microscopy (PhASE-ExM).
Academic Article Programming hydrogels to probe spatiotemporal cell biology.
Academic Article Granular PEG hydrogels mediate osteoporotic MSC clustering via N-cadherin influencing the pro-resorptive bias of their secretory profile.
Academic Article Hydrogel cultures reveal Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 4 regulation of myofibroblast activation and proliferation in valvular interstitial cells.
Academic Article Stress Relaxation and Composition of Hydrazone-Crosslinked Hybrid Biopolymer-Synthetic Hydrogels Determine Spreading and Secretory Properties of MSCs.
Academic Article Intracellular Crowding by Bio-Orthogonal Hydrogel Formation Induces Reversible Molecular Stasis.
Academic Article 4D Printing of Extrudable and Degradable Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Microgel Scaffolds for Multidimensional Cell Culture.
Academic Article Photoinduced Dithiolane Crosslinking for Multiresponsive Dynamic Hydrogels.
Academic Article Photo-expansion microscopy enables super-resolution imaging of cells embedded in 3D hydrogels.
Academic Article Substrate stiffness modulates cardiac fibroblast activation, senescence, and proinflammatory secretory phenotype.
Academic Article Reversible Intracellular Gelation of MCF10A Cells Enables Programmable Control Over 3D Spheroid Growth.

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