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Academic Article Fundamental studies of biodegradable hydrogels as cartilage replacement materials.
Academic Article Photopolymerized biomaterials for application in the temporomandibular joint.
Academic Article In situ forming degradable networks and their application in tissue engineering and drug delivery.
Academic Article Synthesis and characterization of photocrosslinkable, degradable poly(vinyl alcohol)-based tissue engineering scaffolds.
Academic Article Photoinitiated crosslinked degradable copolymer networks for tissue engineering applications.
Academic Article Tissue engineering of cartilage.
Academic Article Encapsulating chondrocytes in degrading PEG hydrogels with high modulus: engineering gel structural changes to facilitate cartilaginous tissue production.
Academic Article Designing scaffolds for valvular interstitial cells: cell adhesion and function on naturally derived materials.
Academic Article Crosslinked hyaluronan scaffolds as a biologically active carrier for valvular interstitial cells.
Academic Article Serum deprivation improves seeding and repopulation of acellular matrices with valvular interstitial cells.
Academic Article Cell-based therapies and tissue engineering.
Academic Article Surface grafted antibodies: controlled architecture permits enhanced antigen detection.
Academic Article Three-dimensional growth and function of neural tissue in degradable polyethylene glycol hydrogels.
Academic Article Synthesis and characterization of a fluvastatin-releasing hydrogel delivery system to modulate hMSC differentiation and function for bone regeneration.
Academic Article Heparin functionalized PEG gels that modulate protein adsorption for hMSC adhesion and differentiation.
Academic Article Temporal changes in peg hydrogel structure influence human mesenchymal stem cell proliferation and matrix mineralization.
Academic Article Nanobiomaterial applications in orthopedics.
Academic Article Material-based regulation of the myofibroblast phenotype.
Academic Article Using living radical polymerization to enable facile incorporation of materials in microfluidic cell culture devices.
Academic Article The enhancement of chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by enzymatically regulated RGD functionalities.
Academic Article Effects of directed gel degradation and collagenase digestion on the integration of neocartilage produced by chondrocytes encapsulated in hydrogel carriers.
Academic Article Ultrasound monitoring of cartilaginous matrix evolution in degradable PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article Stop-flow lithography for the production of shape-evolving degradable microgel particles.
Academic Article Hydrogels as extracellular matrix mimics for 3D cell culture.
Academic Article Mesenchymal stem cells for craniofacial tissue regeneration: designing hydrogel delivery vehicles.
Academic Article Injectable and photopolymerizable tissue-engineered auricular cartilage using poly(ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate copolymer hydrogels.
Academic Article Surface and bulk modifications to photocrosslinked polyanhydrides to control degradation behavior.
Academic Article The effects of crosslinking density on cartilage formation in photocrosslinkable hydrogels.
Academic Article Advances in bioactive hydrogels to probe and direct cell fate.
Academic Article Controlling the spatial distribution of ECM components in degradable PEG hydrogels for tissue engineering cartilage.
Academic Article Tailoring the degradation of hydrogels formed from multivinyl poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(vinyl alcohol) macromers for cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article Manipulations in hydrogel chemistry control photoencapsulated chondrocyte behavior and their extracellular matrix production.
Academic Article Contrasting effects of collagen and bFGF-2 on neural cell function in degradable synthetic PEG hydrogels.
Academic Article Controlling cartilaginous matrix evolution in hydrogels with degradation triggered by exogenous addition of an enzyme.
Academic Article Photoencapsulation of osteoblasts in injectable RGD-modified PEG hydrogels for bone tissue engineering.
Academic Article Gene delivery in tissue engineering: a photopolymer platform to coencapsulate cells and plasmid DNA.
Academic Article Activation of valvular interstitial cells is mediated by transforming growth factor-beta1 interactions with matrix molecules.
Academic Article Dexamethasone-functionalized gels induce osteogenic differentiation of encapsulated hMSCs.
Academic Article Small functional groups for controlled differentiation of hydrogel-encapsulated human mesenchymal stem cells.
Academic Article Three-dimensional biochemical patterning of click-based composite hydrogels via thiolene photopolymerization.
Academic Article Photocrosslinking of gelatin macromers to synthesize porous hydrogels that promote valvular interstitial cell function.
Academic Article Tunable hydrogels for external manipulation of cellular microenvironments through controlled photodegradation.
Academic Article Synthetically tractable click hydrogels for three-dimensional cell culture formed using tetrazine-norbornene chemistry.
Academic Article Manipulation of miRNA activity accelerates osteogenic differentiation of hMSCs in engineered 3D scaffolds.
Concept Protein Engineering
Concept Biomedical Engineering
Concept Tissue Engineering
Academic Article An improved cryosection method for polyethylene glycol hydrogels used in tissue engineering.
Academic Article Bioactive hydrogels: Lighting the way.
Academic Article Covalently tethered TGF-?1 with encapsulated chondrocytes in a PEG hydrogel system enhances extracellular matrix production.
Academic Article Dynamic stiffening of poly(ethylene glycol)-based hydrogels to direct valvular interstitial cell phenotype in a three-dimensional environment.
Academic Article Development of a cellularly degradable PEG hydrogel to promote articular cartilage extracellular matrix deposition.
Academic Article Thiol-ene and photo-cleavage chemistry for controlled presentation of biomolecules in hydrogels.
Academic Article Progress in material design for biomedical applications.
Academic Article Bio-inspired 3D microenvironments: a new dimension in tissue engineering.
Academic Article Macromolecular Monomers for the Synthesis of Hydrogel Niches and Their Application in Cell Encapsulation and Tissue Engineering.
Grant Photopolymerized Gels for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
Grant Engineering Tissue with miRNAs
Grant Online Monitoring and Control of Functional Cartilage Regeneration in Hydrogels
Academic Article Clickable Microgel Scaffolds as Platforms for 3D Cell Encapsulation.
Academic Article Injectable Carbon Nanotube-Functionalized Reverse Thermal Gel Promotes Cardiomyocytes Survival and Maturation.
Academic Article Engineering precision biomaterials for personalized medicine.
Academic Article Hydrazone covalent adaptable networks modulate extracellular matrix deposition for cartilage tissue engineering.
Concept Cell Engineering
Academic Article Gold Nanoparticle-Functionalized Reverse Thermal Gel for Tissue Engineering Applications.
Academic Article Viscoelasticity of hydrazone crosslinked poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels directs chondrocyte morphology during mechanical deformation.
Academic Article Engineering the MSC Secretome: A Hydrogel Focused Approach.
Academic Article Mechanobiological Interactions between Dynamic Compressive Loading and Viscoelasticity on Chondrocytes in Hydrazone Covalent Adaptable Networks for Cartilage Tissue Engineering.
Academic Article Tissue geometry drives deterministic organoid patterning.
Academic Article Programming hydrogels to probe spatiotemporal cell biology.
Academic Article 4D Printing of Extrudable and Degradable Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Microgel Scaffolds for Multidimensional Cell Culture.
Academic Article Middle-out methods for spatiotemporal tissue engineering of organoids.

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