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Academic Article Effect of endurance exercise training on ventilatory function in older individuals.
Academic Article Endurance training in older men and women. I. Cardiovascular responses to exercise.
Academic Article Endurance training in older men and women II. Blood lactate response to submaximal exercise.
Academic Article Effect of training on blood lactate levels during submaximal exercise.
Academic Article Hemostatic, metabolic, and androgenic risk factors for coronary heart disease in physically active and less active postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Maximal aerobic capacity and total blood volume in highly trained middle-aged and older female endurance athletes.
Academic Article Endurance exercise training is associated with elevated basal sympathetic nerve activity in healthy older humans.
Academic Article Adiposity and regional body fat distribution in physically active young and middle-aged women.
Academic Article Regular exercise and the age-related decline in resting metabolic rate in women.
Academic Article Smaller differences in total and regional adiposity with age in women who regularly perform endurance exercise.
Academic Article Enhanced left ventricular performance in endurance trained older men.
Academic Article Aging, habitual exercise, and dynamic arterial compliance.
Academic Article Age-related decreases in basal limb blood flow in humans: time course, determinants and habitual exercise effects.
Academic Article Regular endurance exercise induces expansive arterial remodelling in the trained limbs of healthy men.
Academic Article Arterial intima-media thickness: site-specific associations with HRT and habitual exercise.
Academic Article Changes in maximal aerobic capacity with age in endurance-trained women: 7-yr follow-up.
Academic Article Effects of training on systolic time intervals at rest and during isometric exercise in men and women 61 to 64 years old.
Academic Article Lactate threshold and distance-running performance in young and older endurance athletes.
Academic Article A hemodynamic comparison of young and older endurance athletes during exercise.
Academic Article Role of central circulatory factors in the fat-free mass-maximal aerobic capacity relation across age.
Academic Article Effect of acute and chronic ascorbic acid on flow-mediated dilatation with sedentary and physically active human ageing.
Academic Article Ascorbic acid does not affect the age-associated reduction in maximal cardiac output and oxygen consumption in healthy adults.
Academic Article Effects of exercise training on responses to central injection of CRF and noise stress.
Academic Article Sympathetic activation is associated with increases in EMG during fatiguing exercise.
Academic Article Time to fatigue during isometric exercise using different muscle masses.
Academic Article Respiratory sinus arrhythmia and carotid baroreflex control of heart rate in endurance athletes and untrained controls.
Academic Article Syncope secondary to ventricular asystole in an endurance athlete.
Academic Article Pulmonary function in young and older athletes and untrained men.
Academic Article Greater rate of decline in maximal aerobic capacity with age in endurance-trained than in sedentary men.
Academic Article Habitual exercise and the age-associated decline in large artery compliance.
Academic Article Glucose tolerance in young and older athletes and sedentary men.
Academic Article Elevated high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in older endurance athletes.
Academic Article Failure of endurance training to alter the cardiovascular response to static contraction.
Academic Article Similarity of cardiovascular response to upper and lower body static contraction in endurance-trained and untrained males.
Academic Article Physiological determinants of 10-km performance in highly trained female runners of different ages.
Academic Article High energy flux mediates the tonically augmented beta-adrenergic support of resting metabolic rate in habitually exercising older adults.
Academic Article Absence of age-related decline in total blood volume in physically active females.
Academic Article Systemic hemodynamic determinants of blood pressure in women: age, physical activity, and hormone replacement.
Academic Article Baroreflex buffering in sedentary and endurance exercise-trained healthy men.
Academic Article Cardiac vagal modulation of heart rate during prolonged submaximal exercise in animals with healed myocardial infarctions: effects of training.
Academic Article Endurance exercise performance in Masters athletes: age-associated changes and underlying physiological mechanisms.
Academic Article Left ventricular dysfunction after prolonged strenuous exercise in healthy subjects.
Academic Article Metabolic responses to exercise in young and older athletes and sedentary men.
Concept Physical Endurance
Academic Article Aortic pulse wave velocity and reflecting distance estimation from peripheral waveforms in humans: detection of age- and exercise training-related differences.
Academic Article Essential role of estrogen for improvements in vascular endothelial function with endurance exercise in postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Estimated aortic stiffness is independently associated with cardiac baroreflex sensitivity in humans: role of ageing and habitual endurance exercise.

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