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Academic Article Altered autonomic support of arterial blood pressure with age in healthy men.
Academic Article Stiffening our resolve against adult weight gain.
Academic Article Fatness is a better predictor of cardiovascular disease risk factor profile than aerobic fitness in healthy men.
Academic Article Role of NFkappaB in age-related vascular endothelial dysfunction in humans.
Academic Article Habitually exercising older men do not demonstrate age-associated vascular endothelial oxidative stress.
Academic Article Vascular health in the ageing athlete.
Academic Article Hysterectomy is associated with large artery stiffening in estrogen-deficient postmenopausal women.
Academic Article The dependence of FMD% on baseline diameter: a problem solved by allometric scaling - no problem in this case.
Academic Article Collateral damage: cardiovascular consequences of chronic sympathetic activation with human aging.
Academic Article Vascular endothelial estrogen receptor alpha is modulated by estrogen status and related to endothelial function and endothelial nitric oxide synthase in healthy women.
Academic Article Habitual exercise and arterial aging.
Academic Article Modulation of vascular endothelial function by low-density lipoprotein cholesterol with aging: influence of habitual exercise.
Academic Article The importance of population-wide sodium reduction as a means to prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke: a call to action from the American Heart Association.
Academic Article Aging and vascular endothelial function in humans.
Academic Article Regular aerobic exercise protects against impaired fasting plasma glucose-associated vascular endothelial dysfunction with aging.
Concept Cardiovascular Diseases
Academic Article The autophagy enhancer spermidine reverses arterial aging.
Academic Article Inorganic nitrite supplementation for healthy arterial aging.
Academic Article Superoxide signaling in perivascular adipose tissue promotes age-related artery stiffness.
Academic Article Reduced large elastic artery stiffness with regular aerobic exercise in middle-aged and older adults: potential role of suppressed nuclear factor ? B signalling.
Academic Article Nutrition and other lifestyle influences on arterial aging.
Grant Clinical Translation of Curcumin Therapy to Treat Arterial Aging
Grant Mechanisms for Reduced Limb Perfusion with Human Aging
Grant MitoQ Supplementation for Improving Vascular Endothelial Function in Older Adults
Grant Hormone Replacement Therapy, SERMs &Leg Blood Flow in Postmenopausal Women
Grant Clinical Translation of Nitrite Therapy to Treat Arterial Aging in Humans
Grant Reduced Inflammatory Suppression of EDD with Habitual Exercise in Older Adults
Grant Translational Studies of Age-Associated Arterial Dysfunction, Western Diet and Aerobic Exercise: Role of the Gut Microbiome
Grant Role of cellular senescence in cardiovascular aging
Academic Article Healthy lifestyle-based approaches for successful vascular aging.
Grant Nicotinamide riboside supplementation for treating elevated systolic blood pressure and arterial stiffness in middle-aged and older adults
Grant Inspiratory muscle strength training for lowering blood pressure in hypertensive mid-life adults
Academic Article Age-Related Vascular Dysfunction: What Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Need to Know.
Grant DMB (3,3-dimethyl-1-butanol) as a novel translational strategy for preventing and treating gut dysbiosis-associated arterial aging
Academic Article Dietary Nitrate and Nitric Oxide Metabolism: Mouth, Circulation, Skeletal Muscle, and Exercise Performance.
Academic Article Vascular Endothelial Function in Midlife/Older Adults Classified According to 2017 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Blood Pressure Guidelines.
Grant Mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant supplementation for improving age-related vascular dysfunction in humans
Academic Article Mitochondrial contributions to vascular endothelial dysfunction, arterial stiffness, and cardiovascular diseases.
Grant Inspiratory muscle strength training for lowering blood pressure and improving endothelial function in postmenopausal women: comparison with standard of care aerobic exercise

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