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Academic Article Habitual physical activity facilitates stress-induced HSP72 induction in brain, peripheral, and immune tissues.
Academic Article Endogenous extra-cellular heat shock protein 72: releasing signal(s) and function.
Academic Article Role of extracellular HSP72 in acute stress-induced potentiation of innate immunity in active rats.
Academic Article The inflammasome and danger associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) are implicated in cytokine and chemokine responses following stressor exposure.
Academic Article Can exercise stress facilitate innate immunity? A functional role for stress-induced extracellular Hsp72.
Academic Article Stress-induced extracellular Hsp72 is a functionally significant danger signal to the immune system.
Academic Article Physical activity alters the brain Hsp72 and IL-1beta responses to peripheral E. coli challenge.
Academic Article Releasing signals, secretory pathways, and immune function of endogenous extracellular heat shock protein 72.
Academic Article Extracellular heat shock protein 72 is a marker of the stress protein response in acute lung injury.
Academic Article Cat exposure induces both intra- and extracellular Hsp72: the role of adrenal hormones.
Academic Article Adrenergic receptors mediate stress-induced elevations in extracellular Hsp72.
Academic Article Short-term treadmill running in the rat: what kind of stressor is it?
Academic Article Sexual dimorphism of the intracellular heat shock protein 72 response.
Academic Article Stress-induced facilitation of host response to bacterial challenge in F344 rats is dependent on extracellular heat shock protein 72 and independent of alpha beta T cells.
Concept HSP72 Heat-Shock Proteins
Academic Article Six weeks of voluntary wheel running modulates inflammatory protein (MCP-1, IL-6, and IL-10) and DAMP (Hsp72) responses to acute stress in white adipose tissue of lean rats.
Academic Article Acute stressor exposure modifies plasma exosome-associated heat shock protein 72 (Hsp72) and microRNA (miR-142-5p and miR-203).
Academic Article Exosomes: an emerging factor in stress-induced immunomodulation.
Grant Stress, Heat-Shock Proteins, and Innate Immunity

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