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Academic Article Hypoxic responses in infants. No known mechanism links hypoxia and sudden infant death syndrome.
Academic Article Superior exercise performance in lifelong Tibetan residents of 4,400 m compared with Tibetan residents of 3,658 m.
Academic Article Human adaptation to high altitude: regional and life-cycle perspectives.
Academic Article Oxygen transport in tibetan women during pregnancy at 3,658 m.
Academic Article Analysis of the myoglobin gene in Tibetans living at high altitude.
Academic Article Identifying signatures of natural selection in Tibetan and Andean populations using dense genome scan data.
Academic Article Tibetan protection from intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and reproductive loss at high altitude.
Academic Article Andean and Tibetan patterns of adaptation to high altitude.
Academic Article Ventilation and hypoxic ventilatory responsiveness in Chinese-Tibetan residents at 3,658 m.
Academic Article ECG observations in Tibetan and Han residents of Lhasa.
Academic Article Mitochondrial DNA variant associated with Leber hereditary optic neuropathy and high-altitude Tibetans.
Concept Tibet
Academic Article Gain-of-function EGLN1 prolyl hydroxylase (PHD2 D4E:C127S) in combination with EPAS1 (HIF-2a) polymorphism lowers hemoglobin concentration in Tibetan highlanders.
Academic Article Maternal O2 transport and fetal growth in Colorado, Peru, and Tibet high-altitude residents.
Academic Article Measuring high-altitude adaptation.
Academic Article How hypoxia slows fetal growth: insights from high altitude.

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