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Academic Article Antagonist-occupied human progesterone receptors bound to DNA are functionally switched to transcriptional agonists by cAMP.
Academic Article Surprises with antiprogestins: novel mechanisms of progesterone receptor action.
Academic Article Progesterone receptors A and B differentially affect the growth of estrogen-dependent human breast tumor xenografts.
Academic Article Estradiol regulates different genes in human breast tumor xenografts compared with the identical cells in culture.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor positive breast cancer metastasis: altered hormonal sensitivity and tumor aggressiveness in lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes.
Academic Article Rare steroid receptor-negative basal-like tumorigenic cells in luminal subtype human breast cancer xenografts.
Academic Article Progesterone receptor action: translating studies in breast cancer models to clinical insights.
Academic Article Progestins in hormone replacement therapies reactivate cancer stem cells in women with preexisting breast cancers: a hypothesis.
Academic Article Cytokeratin 5 positive cells represent a steroid receptor negative and therapy resistant subpopulation in luminal breast cancers.
Academic Article Progesterone regulation of stem and progenitor cells in normal and malignant breast.
Academic Article Maintenance of hormone responsiveness in luminal breast cancers by suppression of Notch.
Academic Article Progestin suppression of miR-29 potentiates dedifferentiation of breast cancer cells via KLF4.
Academic Article Expression profiling of human breast cancers and gene regulation by progesterone receptors.
Academic Article New T47D breast cancer cell lines for the independent study of progesterone B- and A-receptors: only antiprogestin-occupied B-receptors are switched to transcriptional agonists by cAMP.
Academic Article Progestins initiate a luminal to myoepithelial switch in estrogen-dependent human breast tumors without altering growth.
Academic Article Contaminating cells alter gene signatures in whole organ versus laser capture microdissected tumors: a comparison of experimental breast cancers and their lymph node metastases.
Academic Article Estrogen insensitivity in a model of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer lymph node metastasis.
Academic Article Ovarian steroid hormones: what's hot in the stem cell pool?
Academic Article Tissue-specific pathways for estrogen regulation of ovarian cancer growth and metastasis.
Academic Article A high-content assay to identify small-molecule modulators of a cancer stem cell population in luminal breast cancer.
Academic Article Patient-derived luminal breast cancer xenografts retain hormone receptor heterogeneity and help define unique estrogen-dependent gene signatures.
Academic Article Progesterone-inducible cytokeratin 5-positive cells in luminal breast cancer exhibit progenitor properties.
Concept Breast Neoplasms, Male
Concept Breast Neoplasms
Academic Article Expression of Six1 in luminal breast cancers predicts poor prognosis and promotes increases in tumor initiating cells by activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase and transforming growth factor-beta signaling pathways.
Academic Article p53 Family Members Regulate Phenotypic Response to Aurora Kinase A Inhibition in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Progesterone downregulation of miR-141 contributes to expansion of stem-like breast cancer cells through maintenance of progesterone receptor and Stat5a.
Academic Article Steroid hormones, steroid receptors, and breast cancer stem cells.
Academic Article Estrogen promotes the brain metastatic colonization of triple negative breast cancer cells via an astrocyte-mediated paracrine mechanism.
Academic Article Fibroblast Subtypes Regulate Responsiveness of Luminal Breast Cancer to Estrogen.
Academic Article Steroid Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Patient-Derived Xenografts.
Academic Article Cooperative Dynamics of AR and ER Activity in Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Labeling of Breast Cancer Patient-derived Xenografts with Traceable Reporters for Tumor Growth and Metastasis Studies.
Academic Article The glucose transporter GLUT1 is required for ErbB2-induced mammary tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models in basic and translational breast cancer research.
Grant Estrogen Receptor Composition of Disseminated Breast Cancer using Multiparametric Imaging
Grant Hormones and Stem Cells in Luminal Breast Cancer
Academic Article Efficacy and Molecular Mechanisms of Differentiated Response to the Aurora and Angiogenic Kinase Inhibitor ENMD-2076 in Preclinical Models of p53-Mutated Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Cross talk between progesterone receptors and retinoic acid receptors in regulation of cytokeratin 5-positive breast cancer cells.
Academic Article Breast Cancer Suppression by Progesterone Receptors Is Mediated by Their Modulation of Estrogen Receptors and RNA Polymerase III.
Academic Article FGFR1 underlies obesity-associated progression of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer after estrogen deprivation.
Academic Article Separation of breast cancer and organ microenvironment transcriptomes in metastases.
Academic Article Phospho-PR Isoforms and Cancer Stem Cells: What Does the FOXO1 Say?
Concept Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms
Academic Article Fibroblast subtypes define a metastatic matrisome in breast cancer.
Academic Article Cytokeratin 5 alters ?-catenin dynamics in breast cancer cells.
Grant Progesterone Receptor (PR) Signaling Cross Talk Drives ER+ Breast Cancer
Academic Article 90 YEARS OF PROGESTERONE: Progesterone and progesterone receptors in breast cancer: past, present, future.
Academic Article New generation breast cancer cell lines developed from patient-derived xenografts.
Academic Article Analysis of circulating breast cancer cell heterogeneity and interactions with peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
Academic Article Exogenous Thyroid Hormone Is Associated with Shortened Survival and Upregulation of High-Risk Gene Expression Profiles in Steroid Receptor-Positive Breast Cancers.
Academic Article Insulin receptor substrate-1 (IRS-1) mediates progesterone receptor-driven stemness and endocrine resistance in oestrogen receptor+ breast cancer.
Academic Article Response to: Progesterone and breast cancer pathogenesis.
Academic Article The androgen receptor is a tumor suppressor in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.
Academic Article Neoadjuvant endocrine therapy expands stromal populations that predict poor prognosis in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.
Academic Article Advances in Analyzing the Breast Cancer Lipidome and Its Relevance to Disease Progression and Treatment.
Academic Article Estrogens and Progestins Cooperatively Shift Breast Cancer Cell Metabolism.
Academic Article ESR1 mutant breast cancers show elevated basal cytokeratins and immune activation.
Academic Article Cytokeratins 5 and 17 Maintain an Aggressive Epithelial State in Basal-Like Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Identification of a novel ER-NF?B-driven stem-like cell population associated with relapse of ER+?breast tumors.
Academic Article Transcription factor-nucleosome dynamics from plasma cfDNA identifies ER-driven states in breast cancer.
Academic Article Stratification of Tamoxifen Synergistic Combinations for the Treatment of ER+ Breast Cancer.

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