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Academic Article The adjoint of CMAQ.
Academic Article Spatially refined aerosol direct radiative forcing efficiencies.
Academic Article Accounting for climate and air quality damages in future U.S. electricity generation scenarios.
Concept Air Pollution, Indoor
Concept Air Pollutants
Concept Air Pollution
Concept Air
Concept Air Movements
Academic Article GLIMPSE: a rapid decision framework for energy and environmental policy.
Academic Article Differences between magnitudes and health impacts of BC emissions across the United States using 12 km scale seasonal source apportionment.
Academic Article Improving present day and future estimates of anthropogenic sectoral emissions and the resulting air quality impacts in Africa.
Academic Article Assessing public health burden associated with exposure to ambient black carbon in the United States.
Academic Article Updated Global Estimates of Respiratory Mortality in Adults =30Years of Age Attributable to Long-Term Ozone Exposure.
Academic Article Preterm birth associated with maternal fine particulate matter exposure: A global, regional and national assessment.
Academic Article Sources and Processes Affecting Fine Particulate Matter Pollution over North China: An Adjoint Analysis of the Beijing APEC Period.
Academic Article The influence of air quality model resolution on health impact assessment for fine particulate matter and its components.
Academic Article PM2.5 source attribution for Seoul in May from 2009 to 2013 using GEOS-Chem and its adjoint model.
Academic Article Unexpected slowdown of US pollutant emission reduction in the past decade.
Academic Article Impact of intercontinental pollution transport on North American ozone air pollution: an HTAP phase 2 multi-model study.
Academic Article Scientific assessment of background ozone over the U.S.: Implications for air quality management.
Academic Article Estimates of the Global Burden of Ambient [Formula: see text], Ozone, and [Formula: see text] on Asthma Incidence and Emergency Room Visits.
Academic Article Particulate matter-attributable mortality and relationships with carbon dioxide in 250 urban areas worldwide.
Academic Article Methods, availability, and applications of PM2.5 exposure estimates derived from ground measurements, satellite, and atmospheric models.
Academic Article Inequality of household consumption and air pollution-related deaths in China.
Academic Article Global Estimates and Long-Term Trends of Fine Particulate Matter Concentrations (1998-2018).
Academic Article Using Satellites to Track Indicators of Global Air Pollution and Climate Change Impacts: Lessons Learned From a NASA-Supported Science-Stakeholder Collaborative.
Academic Article Development of the Low Emissions Analysis Platform - Integrated Benefits Calculator (LEAP-IBC) tool to assess air quality and climate co-benefits: Application for Bangladesh.
Academic Article HTAP2 multi-model estimates of premature human mortality due to intercontinental transport of air pollution and emission sectors.
Academic Article Sensitivities of Ozone Air Pollution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area to Local and Upwind Precursor Emissions Using Adjoint Modeling.
Academic Article Satellite Monitoring for Air Quality and Health.

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