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overview Dr. Milman is a clinical imaging physicist who is passionate about using science to guide clinical practice. She is a staunch advocate for patient access to accurate information about radiation risk in medical imaging. Her contributions include helping remove the routine use of patient shielding during x-ray exams. She has also advocated for proper use of radiation dose metrics in clinical care. Dr. Milman combines medical physics and music to speak to some of the most important issues in medical imaging. Some of her videos can be viewed at:

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Concept Radiation Dosage
Concept Radiation Protection
Concept Neoplasms, Radiation-Induced
Concept Radiation Tolerance
Concept Radiation Injuries
Academic Article Characterization and implementation of OSL dosimeters for use in evaluating the efficacy of organ-based tube current modulation for CT scans of the face and orbits.
Academic Article Brain tumors, interventionalists, and radiation: How real is the risk?
Academic Article Fluoroscopy Operators' Brains and Radiation.
Academic Article The effects of patient positioning when interpreting CT dose metrics: A phantom study.
Academic Article Is There Truly Enough Evidence to Declare Lead Aprons a Hazard?
Academic Article Is lead shielding of patients necessary during fluoroscopic procedures? A study based on kyphoplasty.
Academic Article Personal Protective Equipment in Interventional Fluoroscopy: Distinguishing Evidence From Hype.
Academic Article Arbitrary Radiation Dose "Limits" Must Not Set Standard of Care.
Academic Article AAPM medical physics practice guideline 10.a.: Scope of practice for clinical medical physics.
Academic Article Patient Shielding in Diagnostic Imaging: Discontinuing a Legacy Practice.
Concept Radiation Exposure
Academic Article Patient Shielding in 2020.
Academic Article Beyond the AJR: "Risk of Hematologic Malignant Neoplasms From Abdominopelvic Computed Tomographic Radiation in Patients Who Underwent Appendectomy".
Academic Article Reply to "Radiosensitive Red Marrow: Where Is the Evidence?"
Academic Article Details matter when estimating radiation risk.
Academic Article Radiation safety: minimise risks by properly positioning patients, equipment, and operators.

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