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Academic Article Unitary IPSPs drive precise thalamic spiking in a circuit required for learning.
Academic Article A novel basal ganglia pathway forms a loop linking a vocal learning circuit with its dopaminergic input.
Academic Article Millisecond timescale disinhibition mediates fast information transmission through an avian basal ganglia loop.
Academic Article Purkinje neuron synchrony elicits time-locked spiking in the cerebellar nuclei.
Academic Article Embryonic inner ear cells reaggregate into specific patterns in vitro.
Academic Article Tonotopic gradients of Eph family proteins in the chick nucleus laminaris during synaptogenesis.
Academic Article Organization of the songbird basal ganglia, including area X.
Academic Article Pallidal neuron activity increases during sensory relay through thalamus in a songbird circuit essential for learning.
Academic Article Deactivation of L-type Ca current by inhibition controls LTP at excitatory synapses in the cerebellar nuclei.
Academic Article Synchrony and neural coding in cerebellar circuits.
Academic Article The neuronal code(s) of the cerebellum.
Academic Article Cerebellar loops: a review of the nucleocortical pathway.
Academic Article Cerebellar Premotor Output Neurons Collateralize to Innervate the Cerebellar Cortex.
Academic Article Recurrent Feedback Loops in Associative Learning.
Academic Article Cerebellar granule cells expand their talents.
Academic Article Rubrocerebellar Feedback Loop Isolates the Interposed Nucleus as an Independent Processor of Corollary Discharge Information in Mice.
Academic Article Morphological Constraints on Cerebellar Granule Cell Combinatorial Diversity.
Academic Article Theoretically Sparse, Empirically Dense: New Views on Cerebellar Granule Cells.
Academic Article Pathway-Specific Drive of Cerebellar Golgi Cells Reveals Integrative Rules of Cortical Inhibition.
Academic Article Cerebellar Control of Reach Kinematics for Endpoint Precision.
Academic Article Corollary Discharge Signals in the Cerebellum.
Academic Article Monosynaptic inputs to specific cell types of the intermediate and deep layers of the superior colliculus.
Academic Article Presynaptic PRRT2 Deficiency Causes Cerebellar Dysfunction and Paroxysmal Kinesigenic Dyskinesia.
Academic Article Online control of reach accuracy in mice.
Academic Article Diverse inhibitory projections from the cerebellar interposed nucleus.
Academic Article An emergent temporal basis set robustly supports cerebellar time-series learning.

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