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Academic Article Targeting of GFP to newborn rods by Nrl promoter and temporal expression profiling of flow-sorted photoreceptors.
Academic Article Deletion of a remote enhancer near ATOH7 disrupts retinal neurogenesis, causing NCRNA disease.
Academic Article Ascl1 expression defines a subpopulation of lineage-restricted progenitors in the mammalian retina.
Academic Article Math5 defines the ganglion cell competence state in a subpopulation of retinal progenitor cells exiting the cell cycle.
Academic Article Loss of circadian photoentrainment and abnormal retinal electrophysiology in Math5 mutant mice.
Academic Article Blimp1 controls photoreceptor versus bipolar cell fate choice during retinal development.
Academic Article Heterochronic misexpression of Ascl1 in the Atoh7 retinal cell lineage blocks cell cycle exit.
Concept Retina
Academic Article Blimp1 (Prdm1) prevents re-specification of photoreceptors into retinal bipolar cells by restricting competence.
Academic Article DNase I hypersensitivity analysis of the mouse brain and retina identifies region-specific regulatory elements.
Academic Article Gsg1, Trnp1, and Tmem215 Mark Subpopulations of Bipolar Interneurons in the Mouse Retina.
Grant Visual regeneration by cone photoreceptor replacement
Grant Mechanisms of cell fate specification and competence regulation in photoreceptors
Academic Article Astrocytes follow ganglion cell axons to establish an angiogenic template during retinal development.
Academic Article Combinatorial regulation of a Blimp1 (Prdm1) enhancer in the mouse retina.
Academic Article Prdm13 is required for Ebf3+ amacrine cell formation in the retina.
Academic Article The Transcription Factor Prdm16 Marks a Single Retinal Ganglion Cell Subtype in the Mouse Retina.
Academic Article Transcriptional profiling of murine retinas undergoing semi-synchronous cone photoreceptor differentiation.
Academic Article Simultaneous deletion of Prdm1 and Vsx2 enhancers in the retina alters photoreceptor and bipolar cell fate specification, yet differs from deleting both genes.
Academic Article Initiation of Otx2 expression in the developing mouse retina requires a unique enhancer and either Ascl1 or Neurog2 activity.
Academic Article An enhancer located in a Pde6c intron drives transient expression in the cone photoreceptors of developing mouse and human retinas.
Academic Article Not all Notch pathway mutations are equal in the embryonic mouse retina.

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