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Academic Article IL-1 regulates in vivo C-X-C chemokine induction and neutrophil sequestration following endotoxemia.
Academic Article Neutralization of IL-18 attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced myocardial dysfunction.
Academic Article Mycobacterium tuberculosis induces interleukin-32 production through a caspase- 1/IL-18/interferon-gamma-dependent mechanism.
Academic Article Expression of functional Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 in human aortic valve interstitial cells: potential roles in aortic valve inflammation and stenosis.
Academic Article Lipopolysaccharide stimulation of human aortic valve interstitial cells activates inflammation and osteogenesis.
Academic Article DITPA, a thyroid hormone analog, reduces infarct size and attenuates the inflammatory response following myocardial ischemia.
Academic Article Cytokines link Toll-like receptor 4 signaling to cardiac dysfunction after global myocardial ischemia.
Concept Interleukin-1
Concept Interleukin 1 Receptor Antagonist Protein
Concept Receptors, Interleukin-1
Concept Interleukin-1beta
Concept Interleukin-8
Concept Interleukin-6
Concept Interleukin-18
Concept Interleukins
Concept Receptors, Interleukin-9
Academic Article Interleukin-1 Beta induces an inflammatory phenotype in human aortic valve interstitial cells through nuclear factor kappa Beta.
Academic Article Interleukin-37 suppresses the osteogenic responses of human aortic valve interstitial cells in vitro and alleviates valve lesions in mice.
Academic Article Interleukin-37 suppresses the inflammatory response to protect cardiac function in old endotoxemic mice.
Academic Article IL-37 suppresses MyD88-mediated inflammatory responses in human aortic valve interstitial cells.
Academic Article Interleukin-37 monomer is the active form for reducing innate immunity.
Academic Article Monocytes augment inflammatory responses in human aortic valve interstitial cells via ?2-integrin/ICAM-1-mediated signaling.
Academic Article Elevated Expression of TLR2 in Aging Hearts Exacerbates Cardiac Inflammatory Response and Adverse Remodeling Following Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury.
Academic Article Interleukin 38 alleviates aortic valve calcification by inhibition of NLRP3.
Academic Article Recombinant IL-37 Exerts an Anti-inflammatory Effect on Human Aortic Valve Interstitial Cells through Extracellular and Intracellular Actions.

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