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Academic Article Mechanical properties of hydrogels and their experimental determination.
Academic Article The influence of comonomer composition on dimethacrylate resin properties for dental composites.
Academic Article Synthesis and characterization of N-isopropyl, N-methacryloxyethyl methacrylamide as a possible dental resin.
Academic Article The effect of light intensity on double bond conversion and flexural strength of a model, unfilled dental resin.
Academic Article Robust polymer microfluidic device fabrication via contact liquid photolithographic polymerization (CLiPP).
Academic Article Investigations of step-growth thiol-ene polymerizations for novel dental restoratives.
Academic Article Effects of neighboring sulfides and pH on ester hydrolysis in thiol-acrylate photopolymers.
Academic Article A water-activated pump for portable microfluidic applications.
Academic Article Using polymeric materials to generate an amplified response to molecular recognition events.
Academic Article Visual detection of labeled oligonucleotides using visible-light-polymerization-based amplification.
Academic Article Modifying network chemistry in thiol-acrylate photopolymers through postpolymerization functionalization to control cell-material interactions.
Academic Article Evaluation of highly reactive mono-methacrylates as reactive diluents for BisGMA-based dental composites.
Academic Article Visual, base-specific detection of nucleic acid hybridization using polymerization-based amplification.
Academic Article Antigen detection using polymerization-based amplification.
Academic Article Polymerizable vancomycin derivatives for bactericidal biomaterial surface modification: structure-function evaluation.
Academic Article Development of fluorescent polymerization-based signal amplification for sensitive and non-enzymatic biodetection in antibody microarrays.
Academic Article Photoinitiator nucleotide for quantifying nucleic Acid hybridization.
Academic Article Externally triggered healing of a thermoreversible covalent network via self-limited hysteresis heating.
Academic Article Thiol-ene click chemistry.
Academic Article The effects of light intensity, temperature, and comonomer composition on the polymerization behavior of dimethacrylate dental resins.
Academic Article Functionalized PEG hydrogels through reactive dip-coating for the formation of immunoactive barriers.
Academic Article The effect of cure rate on the mechanical properties of dental resins.
Academic Article Covalent adaptable networks: reversible bond structures incorporated in polymer networks.
Academic Article Probing the origins and control of shrinkage stress in dental resin-composites: I. Shrinkage stress characterization technique.
Academic Article In situ fabrication of macroporous polymer networks within microfluidic devices by living radical photopolymerization and leaching.
Academic Article Primary cyclization in the polymerization of bis-GMA and TEGDMA: a modeling approach to understanding the cure of dental resins.
Academic Article Synthesis and photopolymerization of N,N'-dimethyl,-N,N'-di(methacryloxy ethyl)-1,6-hexanediamine as a polymerizable amine coinitiator for dental restorations.
Academic Article Probing the origins and control of shrinkage stress in dental resin composites. II. Novel method of simultaneous measurement of polymerization shrinkage stress and conversion.
Academic Article Degradable thiol-acrylate photopolymers: polymerization and degradation behavior of an in situ forming biomaterial.
Academic Article Photoinduced plasticity in cross-linked polymers.
Academic Article Thiol-ene oligomers as dental restorative materials.
Academic Article Vancomycin derivative photopolymerized to titanium kills S. epidermidis.
Academic Article Controlling network structure in degradable thiol-acrylate biomaterials to tune mass loss behavior.
Academic Article Controlled polymerization chemistry to graft architectures that influence cell-material interactions.
Academic Article Alkyl chain length effects on copolymerization kinetics of a monoacrylate with hexanediol diacrylate.
Academic Article Investigation of thiol-ene and thiol-ene-methacrylate based resins as dental restorative materials.
Academic Article Photoinitiated polymerization of PEG-diacrylate with lithium phenyl-2,4,6-trimethylbenzoylphosphinate: polymerization rate and cytocompatibility.
Academic Article Thiol-click chemistry: a multifaceted toolbox for small molecule and polymer synthesis.
Academic Article Sensitive immunofluorescent staining of cells via generation of fluorescent nanoscale polymer films in response to biorecognition.
Academic Article Using hyperbranched oligomer functionalized glass fillers to reduce shrinkage stress.
Academic Article Kinetics of interfacial radical polymerization initiated by a glucose-oxidase mediated redox system.
Academic Article Diels-Alder mediated controlled release from a poly(ethylene glycol) based hydrogel.
Concept Polymers
Academic Article Thiol-ene functionalized siloxanes for use as elastomeric dental impression materials.
Academic Article Development of glassy step-growth thiol-vinyl sulfone polymer networks.
Academic Article Photoinduced diffusion through polymer networks.
Academic Article Effects of oxygen on light activation in covalent adaptable network polymers.
Academic Article Photo-induced bending in a light-activated polymer laminated composite.
Academic Article Multiple shape memory polymers based on laminates formed from thiol-click chemistry based polymerizations.
Academic Article 3D Photofixation Lithography in Diels-Alder Networks.
Academic Article Clickable Nucleic Acids: Sequence-Controlled Periodic Copolymer/Oligomer Synthesis by Orthogonal Thiol-X Reactions.
Academic Article Evaluation and Control of Thiol-ene/Thiol-epoxy Hybrid Networks.
Academic Article Development and Characterization of Degradable Thiol-Allyl Ether Photopolymers.
Academic Article Rheological and chemical analysis of reverse gelation in a covalently crosslinked Diels-Alder polymer network.
Academic Article Polymerization Behavior and Polymer Properties of Eosin-Mediated Surface Modification Reactions.
Academic Article Photopolymerized Thiol-Ene Systems as Shape Memory Polymers.
Academic Article Enhanced Two-Stage Reactive Polymer Network Forming Systems.
Academic Article Spatial and Temporal Control of Thiol-Michael Addition via Photocaged Superbase in Photopatterning and Two-Stage Polymer Networks Formation.
Academic Article Synthesis, Characterization and Cleavage of Linear Polymers Attached to Silica Nanoparticles Formed Using Thiol-acrylate Conjugate Addition Reactions.
Academic Article Photo-Mediated Copper(I)-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition (CuAAC) "Click" Reactions for Forming Polymer Networks as Shape Memory Materials.
Academic Article Covalent Adaptable Networks (CANs): A Unique Paradigm in Crosslinked Polymers.
Academic Article Copolymerization and Dark Polymerization Studies for Photopolymerization of Novel Acrylic Monomers.
Academic Article Light-Stimulated Permanent Shape Reconfiguration in Cross-Linked Polymer Microparticles.
Grant Cu-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Reactions for Novel Dental Composite Materials
Grant Dental Composite Materials Based on Photoinitiated Thiol-Vinyl Sulfone Reactions
Grant Development of Novel Thiol-Ene-Methacrylate Composites for Dental Restorative Mat
Grant Novel Crosslink Polymers for Dental Restoration
Grant Collaboration in the Development of Novel Polymerization Enhanced Immunofluoresce
Academic Article Water-soluble clickable nucleic acid (CNA) polymer synthesis by functionalizing the pendant hydroxyl.
Academic Article Wavelength-Selective Sequential Polymer Network Formation Controlled with a Two-Color Responsive Initiation System.
Academic Article Dental Restorative Materials Based on Thiol-Michael Photopolymerization.
Academic Article Thermoreversible Folding as a Route to the Unique Shape-Memory Character in Ductile Polymer Networks.
Academic Article Dynamic and Responsive DNA-like Polymers.
Academic Article Enabling Applications of Covalent Adaptable Networks.
Academic Article Photopolymerized Triazole-Based Glassy Polymer Networks with Superior Tensile Toughness.
Academic Article Implementation of two distinct wavelengths to induce multistage polymerization in shape memory materials and nanoimprint lithography.
Academic Article Flocculation behavior and mechanisms of block copolymer architectures on silica microparticle and Chlorella vulgaris systems.
Academic Article Sequence-Controlled Synthesis of Advanced Clickable Synthetic Oligonucleotides.
Academic Article Surface Modification of (Non)-Fluorinated Vitrimers through Dynamic Transamination.
Academic Article Light-Activated Stress Relaxation, Toughness Improvement, and Photoinduced Reversal of Physical Aging in Glassy Polymer Networks.
Academic Article Synthesis and Characterization of Click Nucleic Acid Conjugated Polymeric Microparticles for DNA Delivery Applications.
Academic Article Evaluation of a photo-initiated copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition polymer network with improved water stability and high mechanical performance as an ester-free dental restorative.
Academic Article Phosphonium Tetraphenylborate: A Photocatalyst for Visible-Light-Induced, Nucleophile-Initiated Thiol-Michael Addition Photopolymerization.
Academic Article Phosphate-Based Cross-Linked Polymers from Iodo-ene Photopolymerization: Tuning Surface Wettability through Thiol-ene Chemistry.
Academic Article Productive Exchange of Thiols and Thioesters to Form Dynamic Polythioester-Based Polymers.
Academic Article Intracellular Crowding by Bio-Orthogonal Hydrogel Formation Induces Reversible Molecular Stasis.

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