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Academic Article The effect of light intensity on double bond conversion and flexural strength of a model, unfilled dental resin.
Academic Article Towards the elucidation of shrinkage stress development and relaxation in dental composites.
Academic Article Effects of neighboring sulfides and pH on ester hydrolysis in thiol-acrylate photopolymers.
Academic Article Polymerizable vancomycin derivatives for bactericidal biomaterial surface modification: structure-function evaluation.
Academic Article The effect of cure rate on the mechanical properties of dental resins.
Academic Article Stress relaxation of trithiocarbonate-dimethacrylate-based dental composites.
Academic Article Application of a kinetic gelation simulation to the characterization of in situ cross-linking biomaterials.
Academic Article Primary cyclization in the polymerization of bis-GMA and TEGDMA: a modeling approach to understanding the cure of dental resins.
Academic Article Impact of curing protocol on conversion and shrinkage stress.
Academic Article Photoinitiated polymerization of PEG-diacrylate with lithium phenyl-2,4,6-trimethylbenzoylphosphinate: polymerization rate and cytocompatibility.
Academic Article Covalent adaptable networks as dental restorative resins: stress relaxation by addition-fragmentation chain transfer in allyl sulfide-containing resins.
Academic Article Novel dental restorative materials having low polymerization shrinkage stress via stress relaxation by addition-fragmentation chain transfer.
Academic Article A new photoclick reaction strategy: photo-induced catalysis of the thiol-Michael addition via a caged primary amine.
Academic Article Using hyperbranched oligomer functionalized glass fillers to reduce shrinkage stress.
Concept Molecular Structure
Academic Article 3D Photofixation Lithography in Diels-Alder Networks.
Academic Article Ruthenium photoredox-triggered phospholipid membrane formation.
Academic Article Water-soluble clickable nucleic acid (CNA) polymer synthesis by functionalizing the pendant hydroxyl.
Academic Article Secondary Photocrosslinking of Click Hydrogels To Probe Myoblast Mechanotransduction in Three Dimensions.

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