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Academic Article Genetic influences on early word recognition abilities and disabilities: a study of 7-year-old twins.
Academic Article From learning to read to reading to learn: substantial and stable genetic influence.
Academic Article Internet cognitive testing of large samples needed in genetic research.
Academic Article Reading exposure: a (largely) environmental risk factor with environmentally-mediated effects on reading performance in the primary school years.
Academic Article Why do preschool language abilities correlate with later reading? A twin study.
Academic Article Heritability of high reading ability and its interaction with parental education.
Academic Article Generalist genes and learning disabilities: a multivariate genetic analysis of low performance in reading, mathematics, language and general cognitive ability in a sample of 8000 12-year-old twins.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on the growth of early reading skills.
Academic Article Preschool speech, language skills, and reading at 7, 9, and 10 years: etiology of the relationship.
Academic Article Predicting individual differences in reading comprehension: a twin study.
Academic Article Associations between reading achievement and independent reading in early elementary school: a genetically informative cross-lagged study.
Academic Article A behavioural genomic analysis of DNA markers associated with general cognitive ability in 7-year-olds.
Academic Article Genetic Overlap between ADHD Symptoms and Reading is largely Driven by Inattentiveness rather than Hyperactivity-Impulsivity.
Concept Reading
Academic Article Word reading fluency: role of genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphisms in developmental stability and correlations with print exposure.
Academic Article The correlation between reading and mathematics ability at age twelve has a substantial genetic component.
Academic Article Reading and general cognitive ability: A multivariate analysis of 7-year-old twins
Academic Article Correspondence between telephone testing and teacher assessments of reading in 7-year-olds: II. Strong genetic overlap in a sample of 2660 twin pairs
Academic Article Telephone testing and teacher assessment of reading skills in 7-year-olds: I. Substantial correspondence for a sample of 5808 children and for extremes
Academic Article Quantitative trait locus association scan of early reading disability and ability using pooled DNA and 100K SNP microarrays in a sample of 5760 children.
Academic Article Journal of Research in Reading
Academic Article Mathematics is differentially related to reading comprehension and word decoding: Evidence from a genetically-sensitive design.
Academic Article Reading and Generalist Genes.
Academic Article The genetic architecture of oral language, reading fluency, and reading comprehension: A twin study from 7 to 16 years.

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