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Academic Article A critical analysis of acutely injured children managed in an adult level I trauma center.
Academic Article Ultrasound is an effective triage tool to evaluate blunt abdominal trauma in the pediatric population.
Academic Article Nonoperative management of solid organ injuries in children results in decreased blood utilization.
Academic Article Operative management of injured children at an adult level I trauma center.
Academic Article A critical analysis of outcome for children sustaining cardiac arrest after blunt trauma.
Academic Article Driveway crush injuries in young children: a highly lethal, devastating, and potentially preventable event.
Academic Article Blunt diaphragmatic rupture in children.
Academic Article The injured child is resistant to multiple organ failure: a different inflammatory response?
Academic Article Renovascular injury: an argument for renal preservation.
Academic Article The synergistic relationship between a level I trauma center and a regional pediatric trauma center.
Academic Article Nonaccidental trauma is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among patients at a regional level 1 pediatric trauma center.
Academic Article The positive predictive value of rib fractures as an indicator of nonaccidental trauma in children.
Academic Article Validation of rules to predict emergent surgical intervention in pediatric trauma patients.
Concept Trauma Centers
Academic Article Chest computed tomography imaging for blunt pediatric trauma: not worth the radiation risk.
Academic Article Base deficit correlates with mortality in pediatric abusive head trauma.
Academic Article Mechanism of injury alone is not justified as the sole indication for computed tomographic imaging in blunt pediatric trauma.
Academic Article Head injury and unclear mechanism of injury: initial hematocrit less than 30 is predictive of abusive head trauma in young children.
Academic Article Intra-abdominal injury following blunt trauma becomes clinically apparent within 9 hours.
Academic Article Trauma remains a surgical disease from cradle to grave.
Academic Article Glasgow motor scale alone is equivalent to Glasgow Coma Scale at identifying children at risk for serious traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Pediatric specific shock index accurately identifies severely injured children.
Academic Article A paradigm for achieving successful pediatric trauma verification in the absence of pediatric surgical specialists while ensuring quality of care.
Academic Article Goal-directed Hemostatic Resuscitation of Trauma-induced Coagulopathy: A Pragmatic Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing a Viscoelastic Assay to Conventional Coagulation Assays.
Academic Article Mapping pediatric injuries to target prevention, education, and outreach.
Academic Article Guns, scalpels, and sutures: The cost of gunshot wounds in children and adolescents.
Academic Article Combining Cribari matrix and Need For Trauma Intervention (NFTI) to accurately assess undertriage in pediatric trauma.
Academic Article Decision-making in pediatric blunt solid organ injury: A deep learning approach to predict massive transfusion, need for operative management, and mortality risk.
Academic Article Thrombelastography and transfusion patterns in severely injured pediatric trauma patients with blunt solid organ injuries.
Academic Article Does the mechanism matter? Comparing thrombelastography between blunt and penetrating pediatric trauma patients.
Academic Article Not as simple as ABC: Tools to trigger massive transfusion in pediatric trauma.
Academic Article It is time for TEG in pediatric trauma: unveiling meaningful alterations in children who undergo massive transfusion.
Academic Article Pediatric age-adjusted shock index as a tool for predicting outcomes in children with or without traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Pre-hospital and emergency department shock index pediatric age-adjusted (SIPA) "cut points" to identify pediatric trauma patients at risk for massive transfusion and/or mortality.
Academic Article Pediatric cardiac and great vessel injuries: Recent experience at two pediatric trauma centers.
Academic Article The use of ultrasound in establishing COVID-19 infection as part of a trauma evaluation.
Academic Article Adolescent blunt solid organ injury: Differences in management strategies and outcomes between pediatric and adult trauma centers.
Academic Article Individual and neighborhood level characteristics of pediatric firearm injuries presenting at trauma centers in Colorado.
Academic Article Use of prehospital reverse shock index times Glasgow Coma Scale to identify children who require the most immediate trauma care.

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