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Academic Article Why peer discussion improves student performance on in-class concept questions.
Academic Article A diagnostic assessment for introductory molecular and cell biology.
Academic Article Teaching more by lecturing less.
Academic Article Different but equal? How nonmajors and majors approach and learn genetics.
Academic Article The Genetics Concept Assessment: a new concept inventory for gauging student understanding of genetics.
Academic Article Combining peer discussion with instructor explanation increases student learning from in-class concept questions.
Academic Article How can we improve problem solving in undergraduate biology? Applying lessons from 30 years of physics education research.
Concept Students
Academic Article Understanding clicker discussions: student reasoning and the impact of instructional cues.
Academic Article What's Downstream? A Set of Classroom Exercises to Help Students Understand Recessive Epistasis.
Academic Article Scientific teaching: defining a taxonomy of observable practices.
Academic Article The molecular biology capstone assessment: a concept assessment for upper-division molecular biology students.
Academic Article Cues Matter: Learning Assistants Influence Introductory Biology Student Interactions during Clicker-Question Discussions.
Academic Article Group Random Call Can Positively Affect Student In-Class Clicker Discussions.
Academic Article Using Student Writing and Lexical Analysis to Reveal Student Thinking about the Role of Stop Codons in the Central Dogma.
Academic Article Using Pre-Assessment and In-Class Questions to Change Student Understanding of Molecular Movements.
Academic Article A Faculty Professional Development Model That Improves Student Learning, Encourages Active-Learning Instructional Practices, and Works for Faculty at Multiple Institutions.
Academic Article EcoEvo-MAPS: An Ecology and Evolution Assessment for Introductory through Advanced Undergraduates.
Academic Article Phys-MAPS: a programmatic physiology assessment for introductory and advanced undergraduates.
Academic Article Student, instructor, and observer agreement regarding frequencies of scientific teaching practices using the Measurement Instrument for Scientific Teaching-Observable (MISTO).
Academic Article GenBio-MAPS: A Programmatic Assessment to Measure Student Understanding of Vision and Change Core Concepts across General Biology Programs.
Academic Article Characterizing Students' Ideas about the Effects of a Mutation in a Noncoding Region of DNA.
Academic Article Problem Solving in Genetics: Content Hints Can Help.
Academic Article Tools for Change: Measuring Student Conceptual Understanding Across Undergraduate Biology Programs Using Bio-MAPS Assessments.
Academic Article Through the Eyes of Faculty: Using Personas as a Tool for Learner-Centered Professional Development.
Academic Article Student Behaviors and Interactions Influence Group Discussions in an Introductory Biology Lab Setting.
Academic Article Successful Problem Solving in Genetics Varies Based on Question Content.
Academic Article Relationships between Prediction Accuracy, Metacognitive Reflection, and Performance in Introductory Genetics Students.

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