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Academic Article Patterns of iridoid glycoside production and induction in Plantago lanceolata and the importance of plant age.
Academic Article Iridoid glycoside variation in the invasive plant Dalmatian toadflax, Linaria dalmatica (Plantaginaceae), and sequestration by the biological control agent, Calophasia lunula.
Academic Article Caterpillar chemical defense and parasitoid success: Cotesia congregata parasitism of Ceratomia catalpae.
Academic Article Plant induced defenses depend more on plant age than previous history of damage: implications for plant-herbivore interactions.
Academic Article Combining optimal defense theory and the evolutionary dilemma model to refine predictions regarding plant invasion.
Academic Article A comparison of sample preparation techniques for quantifying iridoid glycosides sequestered by lepidopteran larvae.
Academic Article Chemical defense across three trophic levels: Catalpa bignonioides, the caterpillar Ceratomia catalpae, and its endoparasitoid Cotesia congregata.
Concept Plant Leaves
Academic Article Evidence for the adaptive significance of secondary compounds in vertebrate-dispersed fruits.
Academic Article Conifer Monoterpene Chemistry during an Outbreak Enhances Consumption and Immune Response of an Eruptive Folivore.
Academic Article The Perennial Penstemon: Variation in Defensive Chemistry Across Years, Populations, and Tissues.
Academic Article Host Plant Suitability in a Specialist Herbivore, Euphydryas anicia (Nymphalidae): Preference, Performance and Sequestration.
Academic Article Critical Phenological Events Affect Chemical Defense of Plant Tissues: Iridoid Glycosides in a Woody Shrub.

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