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Concept Artificial Limbs
Academic Article The effects of static friction and backlash on extended physiological proprioception control of a powered prosthesis.
Academic Article Comparative study of state-of-the-art myoelectric controllers for multigrasp prosthetic hands.
Academic Article Mechanical design and performance specifications of anthropomorphic prosthetic hands: a review.
Academic Article Novel postural control algorithm for control of multifunctional myoelectric prosthetic hands.
Academic Article Neural machine interfaces for controlling multifunctional powered upper-limb prostheses.
Academic Article The optimal controller delay for myoelectric prostheses.
Academic Article Modeling and preliminary testing socket-residual limb interface stiffness of above-elbow prostheses.
Academic Article Control of a six degree of freedom prosthetic arm after targeted muscle reinnervation surgery.
Academic Article Extrinsic finger and thumb muscles command a virtual hand to allow individual finger and grasp control.
Academic Article Functional Assessment of a Myoelectric Postural Controller and Multi-Functional Prosthetic Hand by Persons With Trans-Radial Limb Loss.
Grant Clinical Demonstration of Implantable Myoelectric Sensors for Prosthesis Control
Academic Article Design and Fabrication of a Six Degree-of-Freedom Open Source Hand.
Academic Article User surveys support designing a prosthetic wrist that incorporates the Dart Thrower's Motion.
Academic Article Combination of Simultaneous Artificial Sensory Percepts to Identify Prosthetic Hand Postures: A Case Study.
Academic Article The Point Digit II: Mechanical Design and Testing of a Ratcheting Prosthetic Finger.
Academic Article Toward higher-performance bionic limbs for wider clinical use.

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