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Academic Article Encapsulating DNA within biodegradable polymeric microparticles.
Academic Article Effects of solution conditions and surface chemistry on the adsorption of three recombinant botulinum neurotoxin antigens to aluminum salt adjuvants.
Academic Article Stability of a trivalent recombinant protein vaccine formulation against botulinum neurotoxin during storage in aqueous solution.
Academic Article Influence of particle size and antigen binding on effectiveness of aluminum salt adjuvants in a model lysozyme vaccine.
Academic Article Effect of pH on stability of recombinant botulinum serotype A vaccine in aqueous solution and during storage of freeze-dried formulations.
Academic Article Influence of protein conformation and adjuvant aggregation on the effectiveness of aluminum hydroxide adjuvant in a model alkaline phosphatase vaccine.
Academic Article Evaluation of chemical degradation of a trivalent recombinant protein vaccine against botulinum neurotoxin by LysC peptide mapping and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.
Concept Vaccines
Concept Vaccines, DNA
Concept Ebola Vaccines
Concept Bacterial Vaccines
Concept Viral Vaccines
Concept Vaccines, Synthetic
Concept Anthrax Vaccines
Concept Papillomavirus Vaccines
Concept Vaccines, Subunit
Academic Article Preformulation study of highly purified inactivated polio vaccine, serotype 3.
Academic Article Stabilization of a recombinant ricin toxin A subunit vaccine through lyophilization.
Academic Article Glassy-state stabilization of a dominant negative inhibitor anthrax vaccine containing aluminum hydroxide and glycopyranoside lipid A adjuvants.
Academic Article Development of a highly thermostable, adjuvanted human papillomavirus vaccine.
Academic Article Thermostable Ebola virus vaccine formulations lyophilized in the presence of aluminum hydroxide.
Academic Article Single-administration, thermostable human papillomavirus vaccines prepared with atomic layer deposition technology.
Academic Article Preservation of Quaternary Structure in Thermostable, Lyophilized Filovirus Glycoprotein Vaccines: A Search for Stability-Indicating Assays.
Academic Article Single-vial filovirus glycoprotein vaccines: Biophysical characteristics and immunogenicity after co-lyophilization with adjuvant.
Academic Article Thermostability of a trivalent, capsomere-based vaccine for human papillomavirus infection.
Academic Article Atomic-Layer Deposition Processes Applied to Phage ? and a Phage-like Particle Platform Yield Thermostable, Single-Shot Vaccines.
Academic Article Lyophilized Filovirus Glycoprotein Vaccines: Peroxides in a Vaccine Formulation with Polysorbate 80-Containing Adjuvant are Associated with Reduced Neutralizing Antibody Titers in Both Mice and Non-Human Primates.

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