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Academic Article Counteracting effects of renal solutes on amyloid fibril formation by immunoglobulin light chains.
Academic Article Congo red populates partially unfolded states of an amyloidogenic protein to enhance aggregation and amyloid fibril formation.
Academic Article IgG particle formation during filling pump operation: a case study of heterogeneous nucleation on stainless steel nanoparticles.
Academic Article Physical instability of a therapeutic Fc fusion protein: domain contributions to conformational and colloidal stability.
Academic Article Buffer-dependent fragmentation of a humanized full-length monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article Subvisible particle counting provides a sensitive method of detecting and quantifying aggregation of monoclonal antibody caused by freeze-thawing: insights into the roles of particles in the protein aggregation pathway.
Academic Article Kinetics and energetics of assembly, nucleation, and growth of aggregates and fibrils for an amyloidogenic protein. Insights into transition states from pressure, temperature, and co-solute studies.
Academic Article Ionic strength affects tertiary structure and aggregation propensity of a monoclonal antibody adsorbed to silicone oil-water interfaces.
Academic Article IgG1 aggregation and particle formation induced by silicone-water interfaces on siliconized borosilicate glass beads: a model for siliconized primary containers.
Academic Article Sedimentation velocity analytical ultracentrifugation and SEDFIT/c(s): limits of quantitation for a monoclonal antibody system.
Academic Article Response of a concentrated monoclonal antibody formulation to high shear.
Academic Article Monoclonal antibody interactions with micro- and nanoparticles: adsorption, aggregation, and accelerated stress studies.
Academic Article Inhibition of agitation-induced aggregation of an IgG-antibody by hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin.
Academic Article Influence of protein conformation and adjuvant aggregation on the effectiveness of aluminum hydroxide adjuvant in a model alkaline phosphatase vaccine.
Academic Article Precipitation of a monoclonal antibody by soluble tungsten.
Academic Article Silicone oil- and agitation-induced aggregation of a monoclonal antibody in aqueous solution.
Academic Article Excipient effects on humanized monoclonal antibody interactions with silicone oil emulsions.
Concept Immunoglobulin Variable Region
Concept Immunoglobulin E
Concept Immunoglobulin Light Chains
Concept Immunoglobulin Fc Fragments
Concept Immunoglobulin G
Academic Article Antibody responses in mice to particles formed from adsorption of a murine monoclonal antibody onto glass microparticles.
Academic Article Freezing-induced perturbation of tertiary structure of a monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article Recombinant murine growth hormone particles are more immunogenic with intravenous than subcutaneous administration.
Academic Article Investigation of the immunogenicity of different types of aggregates of a murine monoclonal antibody in mice.
Academic Article Do not drop: mechanical shock in vials causes cavitation, protein aggregation, and particle formation.
Academic Article Dose levels in particulate-containing formulations impact anti-drug antibody responses to murine monoclonal antibody in mice.
Academic Article Effect of the siliconization method on particle generation in a monoclonal antibody formulation in pre-filled syringes.
Academic Article In Vivo Analysis of the Potency of Silicone Oil Microdroplets as Immunological Adjuvants in Protein Formulations.
Academic Article Mouse Models for Assessing Protein Immunogenicity: Lessons and Challenges.
Academic Article Reduced Subvisible Particle Formation in Lyophilized Intravenous Immunoglobulin Formulations Containing Polysorbate 20.
Academic Article Immunogenicity of Structurally Perturbed Hen Egg Lysozyme Adsorbed to Silicone Oil Microdroplets in Wild-Type and Transgenic Mouse Models.
Academic Article Protein Nanoparticles Promote Microparticle Formation in Intravenous Immunoglobulin Solutions During Freeze-Thawing and Agitation Stresses.
Grant Effect of Container Surface Structure on Cavitation-Induced Protein Particulate Formation
Academic Article Aggregation and Particle Formation During Pumping of an Antibody Formulation Are Controlled by Electrostatic Interactions Between Pump Surfaces and Protein Molecules.
Academic Article The Effect of Container Surface Passivation on Aggregation of Intravenous Immunoglobulin Induced by Mechanical Shock.

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