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Academic Article Effects of Tween 80 and sucrose on acute short-term stability and long-term storage at -20 degrees C of a recombinant hemoglobin.
Academic Article Effect of Tween 20 on freeze-thawing- and agitation-induced aggregation of recombinant human factor XIII.
Academic Article Effects of sugars and polymers on crystallization of poly(ethylene glycol) in frozen solutions: phase separation between incompatible polymers.
Academic Article Annealing to optimize the primary drying rate, reduce freezing-induced drying rate heterogeneity, and determine T(g)' in pharmaceutical lyophilization.
Academic Article Surfactant-protein interactions.
Academic Article Inhibition of aggregation of aluminum hydroxide adjuvant during freezing and drying.
Academic Article Subvisible particle counting provides a sensitive method of detecting and quantifying aggregation of monoclonal antibody caused by freeze-thawing: insights into the roles of particles in the protein aggregation pathway.
Academic Article Inhibition of stress-induced aggregation of protein therapeutics.
Academic Article The ice nucleation temperature determines the primary drying rate of lyophilization for samples frozen on a temperature-controlled shelf.
Academic Article Effects of solution conditions, processing parameters, and container materials on aggregation of a monoclonal antibody during freeze-thawing.
Academic Article Accelerated stability studies of abatacept formulations: comparison of freeze-thawing- and agitation-induced stresses.
Concept Freezing
Academic Article Lyophilization of a triply unsaturated phospholipid: effects of trace metal contaminants.
Academic Article Impact of heat treatment on miscibility of proteins and disaccharides in frozen solutions.
Academic Article Freezing-induced perturbation of tertiary structure of a monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article Glassy-state stabilization of a dominant negative inhibitor anthrax vaccine containing aluminum hydroxide and glycopyranoside lipid A adjuvants.
Academic Article Protein Nanoparticles Promote Microparticle Formation in Intravenous Immunoglobulin Solutions During Freeze-Thawing and Agitation Stresses.
Academic Article Rapid Quantification of Protein Particles in High-Concentration Antibody Formulations.
Academic Article Subvisible Particles in IVIg Formulations Activate Complement in Human Serum.

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